2019 Tech Trends in the Restaurant Business

2019 Tech Trends in the Restaurant Business

Running a restaurant is a hectic business. With so much to think about and so little time, how does one go about running a food business smoothly? With the help of technology, restaurants are able to serve more customers in the same amount of time. There are so many new inventions and restaurants revolutions to keep up with already. Here are three technological trends that you need to keep an eye out for in the year 2019.

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Point of Sale Technology

Point of sale machines (otherwise known as POS systems) is something that all restaurants need, and most utilize. These systems allow the restaurant to ring up and record what a customer orders. Usually, the software for POS system features pre-set buttons that say specific menu items. All the employee has to do is press the buttons for the corresponding food items. 

This software for POS sends the food to the food line and also puts together an invoice which the customer pays for. One new trend with POS systems is the option to have your receipt emailed of texted to your phone. Not only does this save paper, but the recipient will have a permanent record of their spending if they wish to save it. New POS systems are faster and more efficient. The snazzy touchscreens will get the job done quickly so the customer can get their food even more quickly.

Virtual Reality Food

So another new thing that top of the line restaurants are coming out with in the near future is the ability to see your food in 3D before you order it. This new technology has only reached restaurants in most high-tech cities, but they are bound to reach everywhere else by the end of 2019. The benefit of this system is mainly for the customer. As the saying goes, "You eat with your eyes first and your mouth second." 

This 3D rendering that appears in a kiosk right before the customer's eyes will is helpful in two ways. It will either encourage them to buy their food quickly or help them determine to forgo the cuisine options. This could ultimately help cut down food waste in restaurants all around the world, but let's not get too hasty too fast. 

Another benefit to this virtual reality food revolution is that customers will be able to decide if the food portions are large enough for them, or if they need to order more food. This can ultimately save the customer and the restaurant employees time in the long run.
Kiosks/Table Top Tablets

Now, these are handy for customers who are socially awkward or prefer to be alone when dealing with money and food decisions. There are a few kinds of kiosks and table tablets available for restaurant use. The first is a standing kiosk, mostly present in fast food restaurants. A customer can walk up to the screen, choose their food, and pay for it all in one turn. 

The second, the tabletop tablet, is used in a sit-down restaurant. These tablets sit at the edge of the tables. Customers can play games, order their food, and pay for their food all without a waiter to help them. This doesn't mean that waiters and waitresses are being outsourced. This simply means that they have less to do at their job in restaurants that flaunt this type of technology. Who else would fill up our empty cups, anyway?

Technology comes in handy in so many workplaces. This revolution is only beginning to touch the restaurant industry. There is already so much in store for the upcoming year. Take advantage of the trends for this year first, though. 

Install a brand new POS system that excels with its functionality for efficient ordering, virtual reality software to please your customers, and kiosks or table tablets to make ordering easier. With these three systems, your restaurant is bound to be top of the class.

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