Men's Fashion: Tips & Advice On Picking An Outfit That'll Suit You Best

Men's Fashion: Tips & Advice On Picking An Outfit That'll Suit You Best

Very few of us are born to fit perfectly in a stunning gown or three-piece suit. That’s just the way humans are; coming in all different shapes and sizes. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pick the perfect outfit for yourself.

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When it comes to women, they have more choices than men. Maybe her outfit isn’t that spectacular, but she’s got it in her accessories, hair, and makeup. All these things can turn a plain Jane into someone beautifully unrecognizable.

Guys may think they have it easier. After all, it’s just a pair of pants and a shirt, and shoes, right? Not that quick and not that right. Since men don’t have some of the other advantages that women can work into their outfits, that means men need to focus more on choosing the right outfit. 

And it is a practice that is crucial because choosing an outfit and dressing smartly is a skill. That’s always good to know because skills are something you learn. You might not become a fashion icon, but you’d be surprised what a few tips and advice can do for you.

Let’s get right into it with tip number one.

Developing your eye for style

Lots of guys think they don’t have an eye for style or color coordination, or anything that surpasses jeans and t-shirts. If you think like that, it’s simply not true. You can develop an eye by just seeing pictures of other men and how they dress. You have tons of online pictures of celebrities, actors, athletes and others. 

There must be at least one of them who you admire their style or think they dress nicely. Some men will be more into classics, others go for more casual wear. Either way, these are styles. Look at their clothing and check their style and see if that’s the look you too would like. 

At this point, it doesn’t matter what your size or weight is. Dressing what suits you isn’t much about size and weight as it is about style and coordination. You can find sizes that fit you, which takes us to the next point.


Half our clothing problems could be solved if we just choose what fits us and this applies to everyone. But men often wear clothes that are too big for them, and want to always be in that comfort zone. Wearing something that fits you doesn’t put you out of your comfort zone, it just puts you in the right zone. Body proportions get thrown off when we wear clothes that don’t fit us. 

That’s why one guy can rock a simple t-shirt while another can look terrible in it even though it’s the same one. It’s all about the right fit. When choosing a men's top outerwear, don’t buy it too baggy or too tight. Always make sure the fit is just right.

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Don’t shy away from colors

If you’re not comfortable with bright colors don’t wear them, because your uncomfortableness is just going to shine through. You have to feel comfortable and confident in your clothes. But colors do go beyond navy, black or gray. Most colors do suit most people, by the way. 

Yet, the last thing you want to do is to wear the same color, top and bottom. Going all black or all any one color is not appealing. It’s fine for a pajama or gym clothes, but not for outing clothes. If you can’t part with that navy shirt, then pair it up with khaki colored pants, for instance. Khaki is always a safe way to go.  

Men don’t have a lot of choices in accessories as women do. Your main accessories are going to be your shoes, belt, and your watch. So that means you have to get them right. It also means to invest wisely in these items.

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Other odds and ends

Dress in a way that suits the occasion and there are many occasions where the same outfit can work. For example, a blazer can work both for a job interview as well as a casual date. 

You can also collect some long- and short-sleeved button down shirts, because there is life beyond t-shirts. Pick up some cotton or lighter slacks to wear with them. The pants of a suit will not do, as those are meant to go with the suit and are not for casual wear.

Take care of your clothes

There’s no point in buying some better looking and fitting clothes, if you’re going to throw them around after wearing them. Keep your shirts hung and ironed. Also, follow the cleaning instructions so clothing items don’t shrink or have colors faded. Yes, it can be overwhelming choosing the right outfits, but there are more right ways to do than there are wrong.

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