Add a Little Summer to Your Kitchen

Summer is hot on our heels, and those out there can’t wait to update their wardrobe and wear shorts and patterns all day long? Obviously, this doesn’t have to stop at the wardrobe. You can do this to your home too.

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The ideal place to do this would be the kitchen. The heart of the home, adding a summer vibe will make you feel fabulous while entertaining, and remove that winter gloom that’s been hanging around.

The windows
The first thing that’ll often grab attention in the kitchen, unless there’s a feat sitting on the side, is the window. The gateway to the outside world, this is what shines a light on the heart of the home throughout those blissful summer days and evenings.

Of course, you don’t want your window to be drab, and maybe you currently have a set of large blinds ready to shut out the world. But, updating these for summer could really help brighten up the room. Try swapping out dark material, and even thin coverings and curtains for nice patterned roller blind to truly brighten up the kitchen this year.

Your prints
While you think about updating the blinds with a summery pattern, you should try rolling this out into the whole kitchen and even to the dining table (if it’s not in the kitchen that is).

Update your tea towels and oven gloves with ones sporting bright summer-inspired patterns. They could match the blinds or just compliment them perfectly – this can then stretch to coasters and table mats. You could go a step further and grab some plates and glasses with summer vibes radiating from them – but this could get a little pricey.

One of the best ways to add a summer touch to the kitchen is to bring the outdoors inside. This is easy to achieve with a simple vase on the windowsill or countertop filled with bright and welcoming blooms.

However, you could up your plant game with herbs and spices that can be put into little pots and placed on the windowsill, or even hung from shelves for a dramatic look. Another fabulous plant look is to attach a wire to each side of the window and hang delicate little pots across it.

While plants and florals may feel like accessories, you can always take this a little further. If you have open shelves or empty countertops, try adding things you’d more likely use in the summer. Add a delicate tea set to an empty spot, or put out a bowl filled with fresh fruits and veg for a diverse colour pop.

You can even decant brightly colored pulses into jars and put them on display. The options are endless. Whatever you choose to do, just remember there are many more options out there to make your kitchen sparkle this summer. 

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