What Hairstyle Best Suits You?

What Hairstyle Best Suits You?

Whatever hairstyle you choose, make sure it suits the shape of your face. In addition, make sure the hairstyle also matches your personality. If you plan to go to a salon because you want your hair to be fixed for a specific occasion do not forget to always consider your face shape. If you’re not sure what hairstyle best suits you, the following tips would be very helpful.

Oval Shaped Face

If you’ve got an oval face shape then you’re so lucky. You can wear almost any hairstyle you want. Being ovaled face means you are free to be a hair chameleon. Oval shape people usually have a 3:2 length-width ratio.This translates to being naturally and aesthetically balanced. You can wear a bob length cut, with or without bangs hairstyle. 

Other hairstyles that would look great on you include a centered-parted blunt lob, growing-out pixie, or just a heavy and side swept bangs. Also, don’t hesitate to try those wavy or curly looks.

Heart-Shaped Face

Heart shaped individuals have a wider face at the top part and then an almost pointed chin. A long or short hair, with full bangs which have been cut straight across your face, will definitely look good on you. Bangs do a great job at hiding a part of your wide forehead. Side-swept bangs that are longer will also be a great option. 

If you opt for bobs, make sure it remains chin or cheek length. Layers that fall around your cheeks would also be ideal for heart-shaped individuals. Shoulder-length hair is also a good option. It adds volume at the bottom part of your face, making it look wider than it actually is.

Long Shaped Face

For women with long-shaped face, whatever hairstyle you choose to see to it that it gives an illusion that your face is wider. This helps balance out its longer length. An excellent option for this type of face shape is the curly looks. To be able to achieve that gorgeous celebrity looking curls, visit Curling Diva for more helpful tips. Let those curls run loose in any direction. 

But steer clear from hair cuts that are too long or too short. Otherwise, you will only be accentuating more your face length. If you really prefer to have a longer length, make sure to add a fringe that serves to break up your face so that it won’t look too long.

Square Shaped Face

Hairstyles for square shaped face should be aimed at making the face look elongated. Square-shaped individuals have a strong jawline that serves as its prominent feature. Avoid those that may expose further any part of the forehead. If you prefer to have a shorter cut, see to it that the fringe is kept whispy to create a more textured look. 

But depending on your preference, you may choose a hairstyle that accentuates or soften your prominent jawline. Soft and wispy bangs that are falling to the side would help de-emphasize the squareness of your face. Long straight hair with layers that are a couple of inches from the end would help draw the eyes down while it also adds length to the shape of your face, making it look less square.

So, the next time you plan to visit the salon, don’t just bring the picture of your favorite celebrity. Check out this article once again to see which hairstyle suits you best.

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