Surprise Your Guy With These 10 Awesome Gift Ideas

Surprise Your Guy With These 10 Awesome Gift Ideas

We all love surprises, it is the most amazing thing that we can experience, especially if the surprise came from someone that we really love. It is easy for men to come up with surprises as it is in their nature to do so, it is their instinct to know how to come up with a great plan and execute a surprise for their loved one, may it be their brother, sister, mother, father and even their wife or kids, they are the expert to that.

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But women do have the knack for surprises as well, women are witty, smart, and organized which is their specialty, and that makes them great. They also know how to plan and come up with surprises but of course, they have a different method than men. The women's method of surprise is something that is very smart yet personal and practical, they can read and memorize their husbands in a matter of months, better yet, in a matter of weeks that is. Men generally do not invest and care much about themselves and their grooming, So what will be much better than gifting them some amazing grooming products to pamper them. Just visit this site right here to shop for some extraordinary grooming products for your men and make them feel good.

What To Surprise Them With?

We can say that guys are not that too materialistic with themselves, they would most likely spend their extra cash for a new phone, or something to upgrade their computer to make them more powerful and let them play those graphics hungry games, they could also buy a new console or something to add to their collection of trading card games or action figure, but they will seldom or never buy something for their outfit, they won’t even buy their own wrist watches!

So that is when the ladies will come into the rescue, boys normally don’t take care of themselves, they only care about their hobbies and thinking about their families or career, and the women will be the ones to give them something to wear...literally!

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Witty Outfits

Upper body wear are the easiest to get for a guy, you only need to look at their body and you can immediately tell what size of shirt or jacket they are on, and of course, that is also the reason why women hug their husbands, and that is to feel their body and check their sizes so they can surprise them right at the moment that they are not aware, sneaky eh! 

White round neck shirts are the most basic, it’s clean, it’s fit and will definitely show those musculine abs for sure. Jackets are a bit of a challenge as you have to check first how thick the jacket is, and check the insides if they will fit.

Prancy Pants!

This is the most basic outfit that you can gift for your man! As we do the laundry, we can just immediately take a peek at the size of their pants the voila! You can now hand them nice, formal slacks, awesome jeans or cool and comfortable shorts that they can wear when both of you go out, showing off that manly hair on his limbs.

The Smart Casual

Polo shirt is the best there is if your guy like to wear smart and somewhat formal every day, giving him a polo shirt will definitely let him feel that you know his taste and sense of fashion, these kinds of guys like to dress clean and cool outfits, and the best part is that polo shirts can match any kind of lower outfit, may it is a formal slack, comfy shorts or casual jeans.

Caps For Champs

Headgear is something that men are also fond of, they like caps and hats as they feel that it adds up to their manly image, which is true! With that being said, why not give him something that will boost his self-confidence as a man and surprise him with a cool hat or an awesome cap that will definitely match his outfit for the day.

Underneath Their Clothes

Nothing gets more personal than giving your husband any underwear for men, may it be an undershirt, brief, socks or boxers, they will definitely appreciate much! This will let them know how deep you know about them and how much you care for them, it may not be much but it means a lot. 

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Men Like to Carry Stuff

There are guys you see that they don’t carry anything at all, that is because men are a bit of a lazy at some point, they don’t want to carry too much stuff, they want their hands to be free at all times. Well, why not surprise him with a bag, a bag that is so convenient, he will bring it every day with all of his important stuff with him. It will be such a joy for guys to receive a bag from their wives and make their life a lot easier.

Something To Step On

One of the most prized accessories of men are shoes. Yes, you heard it right, just like women, guys also love shoes, you know those Air Jordan, or those Kobe Bryant shoes that they wanted for about a couple of hundred dollars? 

Yes, they have an eye for footwear as well. With that being said, why not give them something to protect their feet when they go out! All men would love to receive a gift and be surprised, but the most surprising is having their wives give them shoes for a gift.

Tik Tok...What’s The Time?

Ah yes! The most famous jewelry for men, the wristwatch! All men love wristwatches, that is the only accessories men have, some men even have an eye for those kinds of watches that not only tell the time but also provide them with the date, have an alarm clock feature, can act as a stopwatch as well and show the phases of the moon! Well, I’m probably just overreacting but hey! That is what guys do want and why not surprise them with something that they will cherish forever. Check out various brands and designs of wristwatches on You just might find the perfect special one to give to your guy.

Cards And Money

Let’s face it! Guys are not very organized, especially with how they treat their stuff, most of all their cards and money which are very important. Why not give them something to separate the two, give them wallet for cash and surprise them with cardholders for their credit cards and ID’s now that would be very organized and very smart to give as a gift.

Something To Hold

Nothing beats a good outfit with a cool professional looking belt and an executive looking necktie! Now that will make your man really neat and firm looking, wouldn’t it? Well, why not show them how much you care for how they look by surprising them with either one of these or even better, give them both! They will surely appreciate it and will wear it the moment you show your present.

Flashy Accessories

There are other accessories that you can surprise your man with, these are the things that are not normally be given as a gift or a present which is a sunglass, scarf or gloves. These items are normally being forgotten but they are also essential for men wear, they might not know how important these things are, but as a loving wife, you can surprise them with these and show them how much you care for them.

Mini Toolbox

Keys have always been a source of stress, but smart key holders are here to ease some of that burden. The perfect gift for any man, smart key holders are essentially mini toolboxes that keep keys organized and make it easy to access the items you need with just the flick of the wrist. Not only does this create a neater, more efficient system for key storage, but it also eliminates anxiety about forgetting important keys or being late for an appointment because you were searching for something in your pocket! 

Surprise! Surprise!

Men are not that choosy when it comes to outfit, they will definitely love all the things you will give them, especially if those things come from the bottom of your heart, since they don’t normally care for what they wear, show them how much you love and care for them by surprising them with either of these outfits and watch their face in awe and amazement.

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