10 Practical Packing Hacks for Golf Lovers

You can’t miss summer’s promise of golfing adventures miles away from home, where the grass is presumably greener and mountains and seas provide a most cinematic backdrop when you swing your golf clubHow about taking some time off to enjoy home golf simulator or planning golf trip? Seasoned traveler or not, take advantage of these hacks so traveling to your next vacation will be light and breezy. Where to Golf and How to Pack?

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The destinations for golf trips are endless. Scotland easily tops the list because it’s the birthplace of the sport, Florida means sunny every day, and Bali moves closer to becoming a golfer’s paradise.

Notwithstanding your love for golf, you are faced with the scenario of lugging more than the usual number of bags to and from the airport. Sure, there’s a way to have everything you need without over packing and paying excessive fees. 

Storing Golf Clubs

1. Know which clubs to bring, and unless you are competing for a national tournament, you will likely need fewer than fourteen. Store them in a golf bag with a hard-shell cover that can withstand time and use. If the cost is a concern, you can opt for a soft-shell one, but make sure the clubs are packed securely.

2. Remove the heads of adjustable clubs and store them in headcovers or socks. You can also pack a pair of shoes in your golf bag. To prevent breaking the clubs’ shafts, use a golf club protector (manufacturers call this device a stiff arm, spine, etc.). Wrap any exposed parts of the clubs with clothes or towels to minimize movement and absorb impact.

3. To minimize the chances of bag mishandling and dropping, PGA of America recommends opting for a non-stop flight. It also pays to know the airline’s policies about sports equipment. This detail will keep you mindful in packing golf clubs and determining excess baggage fees.

Speaking of overweight fees, while you can’t get away with golf balls, keep their number to a minimum.
Packing Clothes and Related Gear

4. Pack shirts and pants you can wear on the golf course and outside to restaurants and other sights in town. Golf apparel has evolved over the years, so there are plenty of choices to go classy or modern, or a combination, with paisley shirts and sneakers as examples. The goal is for you to move freely in those clothes when playing while looking stylish at the same time.

5. Golf headgear comes in a variety of caps and visors. Wear a golf hat that, like your clothes, is versatile to wear in and outside the golf course. This cap should still provide protection too.

6. Don’t want to bring a handful of sunglasses? Stick to a pair that protects your eyes from the sun and UV rays and allows you to see clearly. Sunglasses made explicitly for golf with versatile designs are available.

Preparing for the Weather

7. Bring a compact umbrella that gets you through the unpredictable weather even in the thick of summer. Your traditional golf umbrella would have done the job if only it wasn’t too bulky to lug.

8. An excellent alternative to an umbrella is waterproof outerwear. Pack your best and most durable jacket, pants, or rain suit. If you have to buy rain gear, consider the material, how comfortable it is to wear, and of course, its storage—it should be easy to pack.

9. Gloves give you a good grip, and their weatherproof version ensures your hands won’t slip when it rains. With weatherproof gear and gloves, you won’t need an umbrella and a towel to wipe your club and hands.

Transporting Golf Cart

If you’re skipping the overseas lure in favor of somewhere relatively nearby, the golf courses of perennial favorite Florida as well as Arizona and Colorado are waiting for you.

Trips like these offer an exciting possibility of driving your personal golf cart. You know this cart better than what is offered on the golf course of your destination. It is for adventures like these that justify the purchase in the first place and ensure that the Golf Cart Battery Set is on full capasity.

So here’s the tenth tip—before you leave, do the following:

● Check the roadworthiness of your gas or electric easy go golf cart. Make sure the batteries, battery charger, engine, steering wheel, brakes, and lights are working and in good condition.

● Research the relevant state’s laws regarding its requirements for a street-legal golf cart. More importantly, know the rules regarding the transport of golf carts. Ensure the cart is covered properly and fastened securely to your sports utility vehicle.

● Learn the golf resort or destination’s policies about golf carts, such as trail fees and the allowed noise level, when you bring your own. 

We hope you have a great golf holiday ahead. Any other new or useful packing tricks for golf lovers? Swing by the comment section.

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