Venue Can Make Or Break Your Event, Know How?

Venue Can Make Or Break Your Event, Know How?

Are you planning a conferenceOr a live drama? Decide on the venue yet? Or are you one of those who think, "let's get the cuisine, guest list, celebration necessities, and performance right first, the venue can be decided anytime? If so, then you are highly mistaken, because the venue is the first thing that you should have decided as it is one of the most influential factors that will determine the success or failure of your event. 

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For as long as the venue is right for your event, the guest, you will be able to cater to the specifications efficiently.

Wondering how?

Allow us to explain it to you by stating a few reasons as to why the venue should be the first on your event checklist:

● You have sent out the invitation, and you are confident of the number of people who would be attending and have accordingly booked a small space. What if the attendees are more than what you have anticipated? Imagine the chaos and distress! 

You don't want to be in that embarrassing position where half of your essential guests are struggling to find a chair or some are just standing in obvious disappointment. However, it is equally important to make sure that the venue is not too large for the event; otherwise, it might undermine the impact of the message you are trying to put out. This is why it is essential to decide the venue first.

● People should be able to arrive at the venue quickly and to have to get frustrated taking direction from random strangers.  Avenue to far from any significant motorway or road is already a headache for people to attend to. And If it has no parking? Worse will become worse, and your goal of engaging the audience and ensuring a productive event will fail miserably.

● The venue should be able to equip any technology and system in case of an elite and high tech event. Your venue ability can be responsible for giving the technology a good or bad reputation. For example: does it have AV capabilities? The right acoustics?. Also, Wifi enabled venues have now become a standard for the events, so make sure the venue has that.

● Depending on the activities and the events that are going to happen, it is essential to check the venue at the same time of the day. Take, for instance, the vent you are planning includes significant outdoor activities, for which you will have to make sure there are no interferences such as that of the regular operations or noise. The flow of traffic and event activities are essential factors in determining the venue.

This is why you should decide the venue first, depending on the type of event and your guest and then check off other things on the list.

But we would suggest hiring a professional event plannerWhy?

Because when it comes to the venue, no one is as good as those who have been in the business for decades, in sniffing out bad sites. A credible  event management company will:


They will adequately inspect the venue until they are sure of it. Foul bathroom, cracks or holes in the walls, visible patchiness, poor lighting, broken furnishing, disoriented tiles area clear giveaway that the venue isn't worth investing in and entertaining your guests.


Reviews are what help differentiate between good and bad venues. Event management companies are proficient in seeking out not just the reviews on primary sites but industry-specific sites as well, that is brimming with through feedback by the clients. 

They have a source in the local chapters of the industry association to gain insights about the venue. Furthermore, they will go one step ahead and ask for client references to substantiate their decision, which if the venue manager is confident enough to give, then you can rely on.


They will quickly filter out a popular venue from their proactiveness and anticipation to be involved in the event, via constant communication. Timely follow up, mobile responsiveness, suggestions, inputs, and asking for feedback initiated by the venue manager will establish their work ethic. Furthermore, they will make sure that before you sign the papers,  the vendors are scrutinized adequately so that you don't end up in any vicious financial strain of circle.


A competent event planner would be able to quickly sniff out the ability of the venue to be functional, depending on the manager's composure. They will make sure that the site is free from any unnecessary drama, and if venue staff incapability might look like a hindrance, the location should not be considered.

We have extensively covered how venue matters and why you should only hire a professional special  event planning company in Los Angeles  for enthralling your guest and hosting a successful, grandeur event. Now it's on you to either take the risk of organizing an event by yourself or hire a professional service.

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