Synopsis CSI: New York Season 9

Synopsis CSI: New York Season 9 l Any CSI followers? Weekend couch potato, here are the synopsis about CSI New York Season 9. After his recent brush with death, Mac (Gary Sinise) returns for a ninth season of crime solving, and he’s wasting no time turning up the heat on New York’s bad guys. 

In CSI: NY’s season opener, he teams up with an arsonist recently released from prison (played by Numb3rs vet Rob Morrow) in order to catch a copycat. Crime aside, the procedural will take the occasional break from the lab this season to offer a peek into the team’s private lives.

For Mac, this means dealing with the emotional fallout of last season’s shooting and his developing relationship with girlfriend Christine (Megan Dodds). In this season, learn more romantic secrets about Jo (Sela Ward), particularly her affinity for FBI agents; what Medical Examiner Sid (Robert Joy) did with his lottery winningsl; how Danny (Carmine Glovinazzo) and Lindsay (Anna Belknap) are handling potential life changes; and what kind of adventures Flack (Eddie Cahill) gets into with sister Samantha (Kathleen Munroe).

Cast CSI: New York Season 9
Gary Sinise as Det. Mack ‘Mac’ Taylor - First Grade Detective Mac Taylor heads the New York City Crime Lab, conducting investigations according to Veneziano’s theory of quantum physics: everything is connected. Originally from Chicago, Mac served his country as a decorated Marine Corps officer. After serving, Mac moved to New York City. Because of the heroism demonstrated during his military career, Mac succeeded in earning a spot amongst New York City’s finest. Ascending through the ranks of the NYPD, he ultimately found a home in the crime scene investigation division.

Sela Ward as Josephine ‘Jo’ Danville - She’s a former FBI Forensic Investigator whose personal and professional integrity resulted in the acquittal of a rapist. The victim of that rapist was a Senator’s daughter. Due to the subsequent political fallout, her continued work in D.C. became impossible, sending her to join Detective Mac Taylor’s forensics team in New York City. Jo’s unorthodox methodology emphasizes psychology first, forensics second. While our team’s first beat of observation might be the cause of death, Jo’s is the discovery of the fading tan-line from a recently removed wedding ring, indicating that the victim just got out of a relationship.

Carmine Giovinazzo as Danny Messer - Third Grade Detective Danny Messer brings his Staten Island roots to the New York City Crime Lab. Growing up in a family under surveillance, Danny formulated his own set of hybrid ethics, blending the world of law-breakers with the world of lawmakers. Mac personally selected Danny to join his team, an honor and responsibility that Danny attempts to live up to every day.

Anna Belknap as Lindsay Monroe Messer - Lindsay Monroe worked as a CSI for three years in Montana and finally realized her dream of moving to a big city like New York. Her Midwestern work ethic and willingness to roll up her sleeves and tackle any job is a welcome addition to the team where she is quickly put through rookie training. Excited and always willing to learn, Lindsay offers a fresh perspective to the lab rarely hinting at the dark and devastating secret that originally motivated her to dedicate her life to being a CSI.

Hill Harper as Dr. Sheldon Hawkes - As Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Sheldon Hawkes feels perfectly at ease in a room filled with death. Raised in Harlem, Dr. Hawkes was a child prodigy who graduated college at eighteen. By twenty-four, he was a board-licensed surgeon. Young and socially inexperienced, his education could not shield him from the pressure of saving lives. Two years later, Dr. Hawkes left the operating room, retreating to the safety of the medical examiner’s office. In season two, he moved of the coroner's office and into the field as a "CSI."

Eddie Cahill as Det. Don Flack - Detective Don Flack knows the streets of New York. Yonkers bred and a descendent from a long line of police officers, Detective Flack’s future was never in question. Working closely with Mac Taylor and his unit, Detective Flack bridges the gap between the old school NYPD and the new generation of CSI. Carrying with him an intense hatred of the “bad guy,” his approach to solving crimes, while sometimes borderline, is nonetheless always effective.

Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback - Dr. Sid Hammerback is a New York City Medical Examiner described as an "off-the-charts genius" who traded in a career as a chef to become a medical examiner. Known for his jokes and wry sense of humor, coroner analyzes the evidence that cracks the cases. His trademark is his pull-apart glasses which add to the zaniness of his character.

A.J. Buckley as Adam Ross - Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Adam is a gifted lab technician in the New York Crime Lab who specializes in the analysis of trace evidence.

Episode Summary CSI: New York Season 9 

Episode #1 - Reignited
After his friend, an FDNY firefighter, dies in a suspicious fire he responded to, Mac discovers similarities between that fire and a string of arson cases dating back fifteen years and works with a pyromaniac ex-arsonist (Rob Morrow) to uncover the mastermind.

Episode #2 - Where There's Smoke...
The CSIs rush to stop serial arsonist Leonard Brooks after he begins using fire against people from his dark past. Meanwhile, another detective, Jamie Lovato (Natalie Martinez), transfers to Homicide from Narcotics.

Episode #3 - 2,918 Miles
Mac and Jo travel to San Francisco in the search for a missing girl.

Episode #4 - Unspoken
The CSIs search for a shooter when Lindsay is injured during what appears to be the attempted murder of a political candidate, and the events in the aftermath lead to a child's death. he first half of the episode has no dialog, just music from punk rock band Green Day's new albums  ¡Uno!,  ¡Dos!, and  ¡Tré!. Featured songs include "Stop When the Red Lights Flash", "Amy", "Nightlife", "Kill the DJ", and "The Forgotten".

Episode #5 - Misconceptions
The cold case of a missing boy gets reopened when the main suspect in the disappearance gets murdered. The team now has to open old wounds and sift through this tightly-knit neighbourhood full of people with reason to kill the suspect. Jo becomes curious about Mac's problem with words. Flack has a day off and spends most of it dealing with family issues.

Episode #6 - The Lady in the Lake
While draining a lake for a murder weapon, the CSIs come across the body of a woman wearing a ball gown.

Episode #7 - Clue: SI
The latest victims in a series of murders lead the CSIs to believe the killer is playing a real life game of Clue.

Episode #8 - Late Admissions
The team's latest case leads them into the world of performance enhancing drugs. Meanwhile, Lindsay travels to Montana for the execution of Daniel Katums, the convicted murderer of her childhood friends.

Episode #9 – Blood Out
Detective Lovato's past as an undercover officer tangles up with her present duty when one of the gang members she ingratiated herself with and developed feelings for turns up tortured and killed. 

Episode #10 – The Real McCoy
A charred body turns into a hot mess for the CSIs when it appears a cage fighter has been murdered by his stalker.
Episode #11 – Command+P
The CSIs are confronted with a puzzling mystery when two different victims are linked by the same unusual weapon, a gun created by a special type of 3D printer.

Episode #12 – Civilized Lies
When an off-duty NYPD officer dies during a robbery, the CSI team interrogates the suspects to uncover the truth.

Episode #13 – Nine Thirteen
The CSIs investigate when a masked man is found at the bottom of a notorious skyscraper known for its history of mysterious deaths. Meanwhile, on her day off Jo runs into a stranger with a surprising link to her past. Lindsay tells Danny she is pregnant and the team reveals that it was betting on Danny's reaction.

Episode #14 – White Gold
The CSIs investigate when a pizza maker is carjacked. 

Episode #15 – Seth and Apep
Following up immediately from the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation crossover episode "In Vino Veritas", D.B. Russell heads to New York to help Mac find Christine's kidnappers before it's too late.

Episode #16 – Blood Actually
Three separate homicide cases relating to romance are handled by the team on Valentine's Day. Sid's medical condition is causing him to make mistakes. Danny's and Lindsay's unborn child is revealed to be a boy. 

Episode #17 – Today is Life
When a patrol officer shoots an unarmed man after a jewelry store robbery, a mob is formed in front of the precinct. The team struggles to figure out the truth quickly, but they are hindered because Mac, Flack, and the officer are trapped in the station. Later, Mac asks Christine to marry him and she accepts.

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