Fahrin Ahmad as Aliman KUAT, Alicafe Tongkat Ali Ambassador

Fahrin Ahmad
Fahrin Ahmad as Aliman KUAT, Alicafe Tingkat Ali Ambassador

Need extra energy to stay awake during this fasting month, perhaps you can try Alicafé Tongkat Ali Coffee contains Tongkat Ali & Ginseng waaa.... Fahrin Ahmad as Alicafé Tongkat Ali Ambassador. He has great courage to pursue his dream, actively involved in sport games, a responsible son to his parents and posses positive image. The Power Root Group of Companies announced Fahrin Ahmad as the brand ambassador along with the launch of new variants namely Alicafé Tongkat Ali Low Fat and Alicafé Low Fat No Sugar Added.

The 2 new variants will allow you to enjoy your favorite Alicafé without having to worry about your calorie intake. The latest trend and consumers are conscious about low-fat, low-calorie and less-sugar food and beverage choices. Being the first low fat coffee in Malaysia, Alicafé Tongkat Ali Low Fat allows coffee-lovers to enjoy a good cup of coffee while maintaining a healthy balance. Plus you can now try Alicafé Tongkat Ali Low Fat No Sugar Added if you are planning to cut sugar intake.

Alicafé Tongkat Ali is more than just ordinary coffee as Malay traditional herbs Tongkat Ali & Ginseng are added, allowing the coffee to provide double energy to the coffee drinkers. This has inspired the Power Root Group to come out with a new tagline, Kuat! Kecergasan Berganda! for their Alicafé Tongkat Ali range and created a character, namely Aliman, a Malay warrior who will be representing the good values of KUAT which stand for bravery (Keberanian), effort (Usaha), morality (Akhlak) and loyalty (Taat)

Fahrin Ahmad as Aliman KUAT, Alicafe Tongkat Ali Ambassador. For more information, visit the Alicafé Tongkat Ali Website http://www.powerroot.com

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