New! BRAND’S ALPHAMYND Essence of Chicken for Juniors

BRAND’S ALPHAMYND Essence of Chicken for juniors

BRAND’S ALPHAMYND Essence of Chicken for juniors, give your little one a smart start with BRAND’S the goodness and nutrition necessary for the brain’s development during the crucial early years, BRAND’S with DHA and Vitamins B is able to further benefit your child’s physical and mental development.

BRAND’S® ALPHAMYND combines the benefits of BRAND’S Chicken, the only essence of chicken proven scientifically to improve mental alertness and concentration, bolstered with the essential properties of “brain foods” – DHA and Lecithin – required by a growing child.

DHA - from fish oil enhancing its functions and mental development
Lecithin - regulates the passage of nutrients to the brain even as it acts as a shield for the brain and helps improve brain functions
Vitamin B1 - stimulates appetite and creates energy from food, thereby reducing exhaustion and boosting the child’s stamina
Vitamins B - boost Vitamin B2 benefits vision, promotes healthy hair, skin and nails
Vitamin B3 & B6 - for a child’s nervous system, aids formation of red blood cells and supports energy production
Vitamin B12 - child’s growth and metabolism

ALPHAMYND is suitable for children aged 4 to 12 years old, the period BRAND’S brain’s performance during their early years of learning and discovery inside and outside the classroom, while giving them overall good health. BRAND’S ALPHAMYND Essence of Chicken for Juniors with DHA and Vitamins B is available in all leading pharmacies, supermarkets and hypermarkets nationwide and retails at RM25.90 for a 42mg x 6-bottle pack. 

For more information, call BRAND’S Customer Care Line at 1-300-228-300 or log on to BRAND’S SMART LIVING Facebook Page  or BRAND’S  Malaysia Website 

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