Carole Franck Paris OKANA Radiance Complexion Review l Whitening & Anti Aging Skincare

my search for Whitening & Anti Aging skincare products never end. I realized that recently I have been trying out new skincare products. It could be new or already exist in the market. Like I always say curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back ~ LOL. Beginning of this month, I started to use this newly launched Carole Franck Paris OKANA Radiance Complexion emulsion serum...  

Carole Franck Paris, OKANA Radiance Complexion, beauty, skincare product review, whitening & anti aging product

A little bit about Carole Franck Paris, this brand is renowned for Aromatherapy and Phytotherapy. Their use of aromatherapy in their skincare and bodycare. The key to Carole Franck Paris’ essential oils is that they are not oily but are hydrophilic (water-soluble) and lipophilic (fat-loving), enabling the oils to be absorbed instantly and intensely into our dermis.

Carole Franck Paris, OKANA Radiance Complexion, beauty, skincare product review, whitening & anti aging product, skincare product texture

At first I am curious what is OKANA? This name stays in my mind. According to a certain Polynesian legends, OKANA the mother of all living creatures in the sea gave birth to the mother of pearl. Carole Franck went to the heart of the oceans to find the main plant extracts that make up the OKANA formulation after a few years of research and innovation.

The TRIPLE beauty actions - OKANA Radiance Complexion is an emulsion for enhancing skin brightness, anti aging and skin soothing which is based on marine plants, essential oils and natural botanical ingredients. This emulsion serum is suitable for all skin types especially those who has dry skin can use it day and night. For those who has oily or combination skin I think you might want to use it just at night.

The texture is thick emulsion serum or near to cream base. Absorb fast into skin and moisturize the skin. It is not oily or sticky. The emulsion is enriched with natural light reflecting pearlescent particles that illuminates and helps to revitalize & smoothens tired skin. It gives our skin a natural glow look.

Usually, I am quite careful with whitening products because sometimes it can cause dryness to my skin, but when I use OKANA Radiance Complexion is fine for me. My skin feels moist and glows. Overall, after 2 weeks my skin radiance and moisture has improved. Plus my skin also become smoother, more even skin tone and brighter complexion. No more dull and dehydrated skin so I look you fresher.  Now, I can skip the concealer and heavy foundation. OKANA Radiance Complexion is especially effective on dull skin, after application you can see skin brightening effect.

Carole Franck Paris, OKANA Radiance Complexion, beauty, skincare product review, whitening & anti aging product

Triple Beauty Action:
1. Anti Aging (Kombu): Kombu extract (brown seaweed) that is rich in polyphenols and minerals to help reverse the signs of skin aging. provides the skin’s stem-cell with the ability to prolong skin tissues’ youthfulness thus supporting the development of firm, radiant skin

2. Skin Brightening (Stargazer Lily): to inhibit the production of melanin (pigmentation) that causes brown spots and dull skin, Stargazer Lily and Sea Fern extract that tone down brown spots and bestow a clearer, more even skin tone, thereby generating skin that is as exquisitely beautiful and smooth as the Stargazer Lily.

3. Skin Soothing (Red Vine): Red vine, known for its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, plus enhances the efficacy by improving blood circulation and reducing redness’ while Shea butter and Babassu butter unify all the unsurpassed benefits of the botanical ingredients within the serum to bring softness and comfort to the skin.

Scent: Mild. Soft lily and essential oil scent. I like it

Usage: Cleanse and tone skin then apply Carole Franck OKANA Radiance Complexion emulsion serum and follow by moisturizers. Can be used day and night.
Packaging: Airless pump

Content: 50ml

Price: RM388.00

Availability: Carole Franck products is available in Malaysia. For more information please log on to

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