Iftar Ramadan 2013 @ Malaysia Tourism Centre (MaTiC) Jalan Ampang

Last Wednesday, I was at the Malaysia Tourism Centre (MaTiC) bukapuasa event or also known as Iftar Ramadan or break fast. I arrived at MaTiC, Jalan Ampang quite early around 530pm just to avoid the jam then lepak there while waiting for the rest to arrive. MaTiC setup a huge tent and many tables for this Buka Puasa event at the field next to Saloma Theatre Restaurant. Yuhuuu! Glad to meet many friends and buka puasa bersama-sama... 

As usual lah, when blogger get together we took many many pictures. Ohsem! Dapat jumpa you all kat sana. That night the food was good especially the sambal udang, memang pedas and kaw! There were many types of local malay food and desserts including roast lamb (my all time favourite during Ramadan). The scrumptious buffet spread was supplied by Restaurant Rebung Chef Ismail.

Best! jumpa blogger-blogger famous and friends that day :D 

first time jumpa adik Qhaliff ~ comel lah 

Time buka puasa jom makan sama-sama

Sekitar suasana Iftar Ramadan MaTiC 

For more information and about Malaysian Tourism Centre (MaTiC)

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