PURE + Nature Anti Aging Therapy by De Empress Secret

De Empress Secret launched its new product PURE + Nature Anti-Aging together in a stylish event graced by celebrity Leslie Chai, Taiwanese artiste Mandy, beauty queens Carrie Lee Sze Kei (Miss Chinese Cosmos International 2004), Elecher Lee Ka Ning (Miss Chinese Cosmos Southeast Asia 2012) and Lee Chui Ting (First Runner-up of Miss Malaysia Chinese Cosmos 2007), International Harmonica Championship Winner PURE + Nature Anti-Aging is tested to ensure the highest standard of quality and that it complies with the stringent criteria of Swiss ACA Institute Montel John.

The production of PURE + Nature Anti-Aging gained mark-of-quality certifications in 17 countries worldwide. The beauty treatment has gained international endorsement from veteran actress Rosamund Kwan, and local celebrity Leslie Chai gave his stamp of approval as well. The new innovative PURE + Nature Anti-Aging therapy’s efficacy can be proven within six months of undergoing its treatment.

PURE + Nature Anti-Aging uses apples’ stem cells extracted from highly superior apples grown in the hillside of Swiss Alps, and employs modern technology in extracting Swiss apples’ stem cells to replace usage of animal or human derived placenta. These vital plant-based stem cells will help rejuvenate you from inside out. Having more than 30 local celebrities in Malaysia signing up for PURE + Nature Anti-Aging treatment is a testament to its efficacy.

There are 15 clinically-proven benefits of PURE + Nature Anti-Aging. Chief among them is helping to stimulate your skin cells to regenerate, leading to improved skin texture and hence, minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. People with dry skin condition will also notice that their skin is becoming more supple and hydration improves. The wonders of PURE + Nature Anti-Aging also work to reduce pigmentation and open pores, revealing a fairer complexion. 


  1. Beautiful...how much is it?

    1. hi eyriqazz, i have check the price its RM26,000 (6 months treatment - Face & Body ). Now they have offer discount RM3200 = RM22,800

      In conjunction with the launch, the first 100 customers to enquire about “PURE + Nature Anti-Aging” before 30 July 2013 will be entitled to cash vouchers worth RM3,200. Do contact 012-304 5556 or email to deempresssecret@gmail.com for further information.


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