Syfy’s Sharknado A Social Media Phenomenon

Have you ever seen a shark-eating tornado? Or ever feared of being terrorised by one? Well, there is a new disaster in town which might finally make Aquaman useful - Syfy’s latest original movie,  ‘Sharknado,’ has recently been creating a huge buzz on social media.

After its premiere in the US, the Syfy original made-for-TV movie became a trending topic on Twitter and dominated the TV conversation on its premiere night, and even got the attention of 'Sharknado' comes to Asia on Syfy later this year. The film, starring American Pie actress Tara Reid and actor Ian Ziering, shows Los Angeles being attacked by a shar keating tornado that mercilessly chows down citizens in the city of Angels. The Syfy original became an overnight cultural phenomenon when it threw the Twitter world in a frenzy recording 5,000 tweets a minute during its screening.

These were just some of the few tweets that were flying in the Twitter world about the show which became the #2 premiere of a Syfy original movie and drew over 1.4 million viewers to its broadcast.

Another Syfy original movie ‘Ghost Shark’ will premiere first on Syfy Asia in September. ‘Sharknado’ stars Cassie Scerbo (Nova), Ian Ziering (Finley ‘Fin’ Shepard), Tara Reid (April), and John Heard (George). Syfy is available in South East Asia includingMalaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan and Indonesia. 

In the new Syfy Original Movie Ghost Shark, a great white shark is tortured and killed by a fisherman, then returns from the dead, exacting vengeance on all humans. When Ava’s (Mackenzie Rosman/7th Heaven) father is brutally murdered, no one believes that the ghost shark got him – except the crazy lighthouse keeper Finch (Richard Moll/Night Court). Ava and her friends take the problem into their own hands as they desperately try to survive the bloody wrath of the ghost shark. Ghost Shark is a production of Active Entertainment.

First sharks fall from the sky and eat lots of people. Now a dead shark seeks revenge on the entire human race. Where will it all end?

Ghost Shark premieres 26th September, 2013 Thursday at 8.20pm on Syfy on HyppTV Channel 611.


  1. lol, the movie plot seems to be funny cause shark inside tornado~


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