Korean Drama Series: Fashion King

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This is for my Korean Drama Series fans, Fashion King tells the story of young aspiring designers in Dong Dae Mun Market as they dream of success, and the relationships, love, and challenges they face along the way. Kang Young Gul has never had any goals or dreams for a bright future until he meets Lee Ga Young. Together they work towards their dreams.

Kang Young Gul started his fashion business as a vendor on Dongdaemun Market. He has never had any goals or dreams for a bright future until he meets Lee Ga-young who lost both her parents in an accident at a young age, and grows up into a smart, determined young woman with a natural talent for designing.

After receiving a scholarship to the New York Fashion School, Ga-young travels to America hoping to achieve her dream of becoming a designer. Meanwhile, Jung Jae-hyuk is a second-generation chaebol to a large enterprise that covers construction, distribution, and fashion whilst his ex-girlfriend, Choi An-na now works under a top internationally renowned designer. Gradually, Jung Jae-hyuk loses interest in Choi An-na and sets his sights onto Lee Ga-young. But Ga Young's heart is for Young-gul, and now, Young-gul's heart is for Anna, so will this love square ever be settled? And who will win Fashion King?

SHIN SE KYUNG as Lee Ga Young
Lee Ga Young loses her parents in an accident at a young age. She lives under a fashion house which was previously owned by her parents. Talented Ga Young received a scholarship from New York Fashion School but she had no money for the travel expenses. Therefore, Kang Young Gul lent her money and Ga Young feels thankful for that.

YOO AH IN as Kang Young Gul
Kang Young Gul is a fashion vendor at Dong Dae Mun market. After he met Lee Ga Young, he created his own fashion business with Ga Young. His business started well and earns a lot. However, due to his jealousy towards Jae Hyuk, he started to be greedy and he also tried to destroy Jae Hyuk’s career. Eventually, he fails and becomes poor again.

LEE JE HOON as Jung Jae Hyuk
Jung Jae Hyuk is the second generation of a large fashion enterprise. He travels to New York for business purposes and he meets his ex girlfriend, Choi Anna and Ga Young there. Jae Hyuk asks his ex girlfriend, Anna to work under his company. Gradually, Jae Hyuk loses his interest in Anna and set his sights onto Lee Ga Young.

Episode 1Kang Young Gul appears to be at a high-end fashion runway, busy sketching on his drawing block. After the show, he goes back to his small and hideous sewing factory where many workers are middle-aged women. They are trying to do replica of designer’s dress. On the other hand, a classy fashion house is on fire and Lee Ga Young is sleeping inside the building. She smells the smoke then hurriedly she takes up an extinguisher and tries to put out the fire. Madam Jo, the owner of the fashion house kicked Ga Young out of the shop as she thinks that Ga Young is the one who caused the fire. Ga Young has nowhere to go. She then found a vacancy at Young Girl Fashion – Young-Gul’s factory – and she got the job.

Fashion King 


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