MIVVA My Pamper Kit Beauty Box July 2013 Edition Review

MIVVA Box, My Pamper Kit, Beauty Box, July 2013 Edition
MIVVA My Pamper Kit Beauty Box July 2013 Edition

This week might be busy but next week will be a little bit quiet because next week the Ramadhan month begins. I hope to have more me time this July, I have received my MIVVA Pamper Kit Beauty Box for July 2013. Let's check out the products. 

Beautymate, Purifying & Hydrating Nano, Toner
Beautymate Purifying & Hydrating Nano Toner

Beautymate Purifying & Hydrating Nano Toner, Full Size RM49.90 for 120ml
I like the mild and fresh scent of this toner. Contains gingko biloba leaf extract, hydrolyzed pearl and glycoproteins. It helps to boost skin hydration, brightens skin and skin pH. 

UNICO, Eye Lip Enriched Cream
UNICO Eye Lip Enriched Cream

UNICO Eye Lip Enriched Cream, Full Size RM98.80 for 15ml
Wow! this is full size eye and lip cream. The texture is light and semi fluid, when apply skin feels smooth, moist and radiant. This is my first time using UNICO brand. Anything apply on the eye we have to be little bit more careful because eye areas are the most delicate and sensitive. So usually I will check the ingredients and test it first before apply direct on the eye areas. 

It claims to help eliminate eye bags, dark eye circles, bulging, puffiness and fine line around eye areas. I only use it once so need more time to try it out. When I apply this on my lip, I can feel that it smoothen and moisturize without making my lips feel like oily or so glossy like when I apply lip balm.

Somang Danahan Bonyeon, Intensive Moisturizing Skin Toner, Emulsion
Somang Danahan Bonyeon Intensive Moisturizing Skin Toner & Emulsion

Somang Danahan Bonyeon Intensive Moisturizing Skin Toner & Emulsion, Sample 5ml each (Skin Toner RM139.90 for 160ml and Emulsion RM139.90 for 160ml) This is intensive moisturizing range most suitable for dehydrated skin. Not only its moisturizing it has anti aging properties too. Somang Danahan Bonyeon Intensive Moisturizing Skin Toner is oriental herbal toner. This range contains chrysanthemum indicum flower, cyperus rotundus root, red ginseng, hoelen alba, angelica gagas, white peony roots, chuanxiong and gardenia seeds which improve blood circulation and enhances skin’s natural moisturizing functions. 

Re-Gen Oil 3pcs Sachets

Re-Gen Oil, 3pcs Sachets (RM29.90 for 75ml or RM45.90 for 125ml)
This is oil is not only effective to reduce stretch marks and wrinkles, it also lightens scars and best for dry skin user like me. It smells so relaxing because it contains lavender, canlendula, chamomile and rosemary oils. Re-Gen Oil contains PCL liquid, which promotes skin regeneration. Rich in Vitamin A and E that helps to fight skin ageing by reducing the oxidant in the skin. It gives the high level of moisture that improves blemished skin and scars tissue.

Foot Pumice Stone, foot spa
Foot Pumice Stone

Foot Pumice Stone
This is great for my weekend DIY foot spa project. I have hard and rough skin on my heels so I will diy my own foot spa at home. After the foot scrub I can use the Re-Gen Oil to soften and moisten my skin.

Elianto, Ardour Shadow
Elianto Ardour Shadow

Elianto Ardour Shadow, Full Size RM8 for 2g
I received #07 Lavender Purple color eye shadow. I like flower embossed it create a difference and look dainty. This matte eye shadow glides easily on eye, provides soft and smooth texture for a matte finish. Elianto Ardour is available in 15 shades such as sienna gold, venus brown, earth brown, ballet pink, rampart blue and lavender purple. 

Bacially, MIVVA My Pamper Kit Beauty Box for July 2013 Edition is worth if you are looking for and like UNICO Eye Lip Enriched Cream. There are 2 full size products and others that worth more than RM150. Plus I like the foot pumice stone its something that I use. Well, perhaps MIVVA can look into foot care products too. MIVVA Beauty Box subscription is RM38 per month and for further information please refer to MIVVA.com Website


  1. I just received mine yesterday, hehe!!! =]

  2. got mine today! love the regen oil! perfect for travelling since its in sachets:D

  3. hi kelly,

    i read about MIVVA beauty box before at puanbee's blog. never try it for myself yet

    i also bought the Elianto eyeshadow but RARELY used... hihi~


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