Korean Drama Series: Ghost

OMG! got Korean GHOST here! Ghost is a crime drama following the work of a cyber crime investigation squad to uncover the secrets of criminals hiding behind advanced cyber technology. So Ji Sub plays Kim Woo Hyun, the only son of a high ranking police officer who graduates from the police academy as its top trainee. He joins the cyber investigation squad where he is a cold, anti-social cyber crime detective and works with Lee Yeon Hee who plays Yoo Kang Mi, his female colleague and love interest.

So Ji Sub is back for the first time in two years on the small screen with "Ghost". The series is helmed by producer Kim Hyun Sik from TV series "Sign" and "I Am Legend". This is also the second time So Ji Sub is working with producer Kim Hyeong Sik following the 2009 drama "Cain and Abel". 

Ghost: Episode Synoses

Ghost: Episode #1 
So Ji Sub stars in Ghost as Kim Woo Hyun, who joins the police academy as a detective under the cyber investigation department. His first task ventures into the crackdown of cyber-hacking performed by an illegal gambling site. While his team succeeds in capturing the criminals, the servers confiscated are set to self-destruct as invented by notorious hacker, Hades.

Ghost: Episode #2 
Ki Young sneaks his way into the police station, passing the homicide detective. Kang Mi continues to work overtime in search of the sex list on the actress’s computer but to no avail. In her search for more evidences, she heads over to evidence only to find Ki Young breaking in.  With a gun pointed at Ki Young, he begs for moments to access the files and prove his innocence. Will Kang Mi put her gun down? Will Ki Young prove his innocence?

Ghost: Casts

Kim Woo Hyun (So Ji Sub)
Kim Woo Hyun, the only son of a high ranking police officer, enters the police academy and graduates with flying colors. He then joins the Cyber Crime Investigation Unit. Woo Hyun is a perfectionist. His missions entitle him to crack evidences and reveal secrets existing within the cyber world.

Yoo Gang Mi (Lee Yeon Hee)
Yoo Gang Mi is Woo Hyun’s sidekick in the investigation unit. Together, they aim at bringing Hades, a cyber criminal down as they solve the puzzling cyber cases.


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