Listerine Natural Green Tea Keeps Breath Fresh with Irma Hasmie

Irma Hasmie, Actress with Listerine Natural Green Tea mouthwash 

How to keep your breath fresh throughout the day? Use Listerine during Ramadhan because fasting for long hours without food or drink can cause stale breath. Keep your breath fresh and prevent cavities throughout this period by gargling with Listerine Natural Green Tea mouthwash before and after sahur. Listerine contains essential oils with proven antimicrobial effects, together with a double dose of fluoride to help ward off cavities.

Listerine Natural Green Tea mouthwash is enriched with a mild green tea flavor and contains 2 times more fluoride to protect teeth from cavities. Flouride is known to prevent tooth decay, while enhancing the resistance of enamel towards erosion (due to acid exposure such as consumption of high-sugar sweets or drinks). It also boosts re-mineralization, and helps to kill the plaque bacteria that constantly form on plaque build-up.

It can be quite embarrassing if one has bad breath when talking. I usually gargle mouthwash every morning and night plus sometimes after my meals. How about you?

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