King’s Potong New Look & New Durian Ice Cream Review

Hey old skool! I still enjoy eating Ice Cream Potong, brings back the childhood memories and good old days. My favourite Ice Cream Potong Red Bean tastes good all time. King’s has recently revamped its packaging for the Potong range to reflect the good old days when things were simpler plus enhanced the Durian flavour Potong. King’s Potong New Look & New Durian Flavour Ice Cream. 

King’s Potong Durian Improved Flavour

King’s also improved its Potong Durian variant. It now has a more intense durian taste with additional real durian puree in its improved recipe. It is not too sweet and the durian smell is also not that strong. King’s Potong is made with real coconut milk, which gives it the delicious homemade flavour.

King’s Potong Durian, king's, ice cream, new packaging
King’s Potong Durian New Packaging

King’s Potong comes in two packaging formats; multipacks and foam packs. The King's multipacks consist of 4 variants namely Red Bean, Black Glutinous Rice, Durian and Assorted flavours (Yam & Black Glutinous Rice) while the King's foam packs are only available in Red Bean and Assorted flavoursThe new packaging design just makes identifying the variants so much easier with clearer diagrams and a neat design layout. The Potong ice cream stored in foam packs can last for two hours without freezing.

The King's multipacks retail at RM5.40 per pack, while King's foam packs retail at RM8.50 per pack available at leading hypermarkets, supermarkets, and even your nearest grocery outlets. So what do you think of the King’s Potong New Look and have you tried the newly enhanced King's Potong Durian Flavour Ice Cream...

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