Candy Makeup Party by bloop & HiShop

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Candy Crush time again! Aha! But this time is not just games, we were at the Bloop Candy Makeup Party. It was a fun day out to embrace love for sweet indulgence and girls playing with makeup. Such a pinkilicious girly day.

Of course during the bloop Candy Makeup Party we were pampered, try the skincare and makeup products. 

Makeup Demo by Mrs. Chan, the Founder of bloop 

Mrs. Chan, the Founder of bloop is very friendly and humble. That day she also guided us through the step by step basic makeup. 

bloop marine basic skincare range

Start with basic skincare regime using bloop marine Cleansing Gel, bloop Marine Botanical Toner and bloop Marine 4 in 1 Pure Aloe Vera Gel.   

Life is getting more complicated each day, but bloop make it simple for us with their smart and practical equation like this bloop equals to makeup minus the fuss plus the fun and multiply with our own imagination.   

The bloop EQUATION
bloop = make up – (the fuss) + Fun x Your Imagination

bloop makeup
bloop makeup 

Here are some introductions about bloop; bloop is makeup made easy represents a new generation of make-up to help women combat the highly demanding and competitive world. It has innovative packaging and technological advancement in product quality and texture, make-up has never been this fast and easy. bloop products are engineered by PASSION and LOVE. Plus, bloop globalising the locals and localising the global as their products are developed and designed with an understanding of the local markets whilst utilizing our network of international resources and developments. For example, one of bloop award winning bloop diamond eyeshadow is the result of pairing R&D from the United States and ingredients (diamond powder) from Japan. 

Bloop Candy Cream Foundation #027 RM58.00
This foundation cream is in compact casing, so it is easy for application and convenient to carry. Bloop non-oily cream foundation smoothes skin textures and imperfections such as pores, wrinkles, freckles, age spots and pigmentation. Good for everyday use.

Bloop Candy Two Way Cake
Bloop Candy Cream Foundation RM58.00 & Bloop Two Way Cake RM58.00 

Bloop Candy Two Way Cake #02 RM58.00
I like the twistable casing, it looks like a handphone. Bloop two way cake is ultra smooth and velvety-soft. After you apply, it look natural on the skin not cakeky at all. The smooth powder cover imperfections such as fine lines, pores, uneven skin tone and pigmentation. Plus this two way cake is formulated to absorb sebum and sweat, giving skin a luminous flawless look all day. 

Bloop Candy Blusher #04 RM48.00
Yuhuu! A little bit of blush will make us look fresh and radiant. Bloop silky soft and refined mono powder blusher allows colors to glide on smoothly and stay on longer. This pack also comes with soft bristle brush that provides a sheer soft application for a natural blush look. 

Bloop Candy Blusher
Bloop Candy Blusher #04 RM48.00

Overall, bloop products are simple and convenient for everyday use. Plus I can say the the product prices range are affordable. Thanks to bloop and HiShop for organizing this bloop Candy Makeup Party.

My first time meeting Mabel Yan from HiShop

at Bloop Sunway Pyramid outlet 

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