My Hot Desk at The Nomad Offices @ Mont Kiara

Hello! Today Miss Sunshine reporting and blogging live from The Nomad Offices @ Mont Kiara Hot Desk. I need to meet deadlines, complete and submit my entry now within an hour *sweat* but no worries I have all the facilities that I need for this task and everything is under control. I still have time to pose and smile... muahaha :)

If you are constantly on the move and need a place for discussion, plugin, work and meet deadlines like me, all these is not an issue anymore. Plus in this competitive world, to maintain an office requires many resources, cost and time especially for freelancer and Gen-Y young entrepreneurs is a headache.

The Nomad Offices provides complete office solutions such as Service Office Suites, Virtual Office, Conference and Meeting Rooms, Shared Office, Hot Desk, Video Conferencing and Business Lounge with contemporary outlook, hip and modern design and furnishing. In Malaysia itself there are 5 Nomad Offices which is located at Menara Prestige, Menara Hap Seng, Pavilion KL, The Gardens Mid Valley City and Mont Kiara

The Nomad Offices @ Mont Kiara is at Soho KL Block L 

As you can see all The Nomad Offices are in prime locations offering convenience from accessibility to amenities and prestigious business addresses. Ms Cheng Shea Li, General Manager of The Nomad Offices believes that location is instrumental in the success of our business. The Nomad Offices @ Mont Kiara location is strategic and you do not have to worry about carpark because there are plenty of carpark at the basement of this building. This new business centre concept is an ideal alternative to working cafes and kopitiams for mobile professional. 

Earlier we get to tour around this 5,600 square feet The Nomad Offices @ Mont Kiara, there were 34 office suites and 4 functions / meeting rooms, 20 lockers and chill out area with 10 docking stations plus it has more hot desks to cater for the Gen-Y entrepreneurs and freelancers. Overall, The Nomad Offices @ Mont Kiara concept is more vibrant and colorful, the furniture are more trendy and chic to cater  for the younger group. 

We were all gather at The Chill Out Area

Meeting Room 1

Room 703A: 5 Workstation with Manager Table 

Room 723: 1 Workstation

 Good place for meeting and group discussion

Fax and photostat services available

Khairul at the Charging Station

Plus it also has lockers and a chill out area with docking stations for tablets and mobile phones. All this comes with dedicated secretarial and IT support, as well as regular technology upgrades.

Hot Desk Area 1

Hot Desk Area 2

Today I am working at my comfortable and well equipped Hot Desk, the workstation is modern contemporary, Wi-Fi is speedy, the air conditioning is at my comfortable level, the surrounding is peaceful and quiet plus there is cup of coffee by my side. With all this I can focus and fully concentrate on my work and complete the task faster. Now I feel reluctant to leave hope that I can continue to complete my next assignment here. For me I think working environment and facilities has a lot if impact to our productivity.

 The Business Lounge Area

I choose the Nomad office compared to any café because it offer a proper workstation, comfortable environment, privacy, no interference, disturbances and distraction. All these positive factors actually contribute to our productivity, which I think it matter the most. After all, we don’t want to spend the whole day at the café and nothing get done. At The Nomad Offices Hot Desk, I can enjoy the freedom and privilege of having a professional office on demand.

chill out with Azfar and Abang Ensem

After I have completed my work, I can chill out at the same time networking at the cozy open area Business Lounge. The facilities at the Business Lounge includes complimentary Wi-Fi internet connection, complimentary beverages (coffee & tea self service), print, copy and scan facilities and tv, newspapers and magazines.

There are 13 Nomad Offices across Southeast Asia 6 major cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, Bangkok and Manila. For more information, go to on The Nomad Offices Website

The Nomad Offices @ Mont Kiara
L-7-1, No. 2, Jalan Solaris, Solaris Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: +603 9207 9723

Fax: +603 9205 7788 


  1. Nice meeting u ...U should become a model...Cool entry...

  2. everything is hot here, good place and very interesting concept

  3. Virtual office/Hot Desk concept is very popular in US & Japan. Flexibility, cost, location - all is great for a mobile user or temporary small office.
    It's the right time more people in Malaysia know about them.

    1. Hi Vera, yeah this concept is popular in overseas esp US, Japan & UK now the trend is coming to Malaysia

  4. Kalau Kelly staf the nomad .., esok juga I sewa..hihi

    1. Oh Ujang! biar betul nanti i apply job kat Nomad Offices :)

  5. Waaa...lenglui in the office. =D Careful ah, later the photostat machine turned into transformer and dance with you. LOL!

    1. cleffairy, hehehe... i hope it will at least i have a chance to dance with transformer :P

  6. They should seriously hire you as part of their marketing campaign :)

    1. Vernon 2moro i go apply at The Nomad Office :)

  7. Great looking, chic offices. The Nomad sets the standards high :)

  8. have to try the Nomad Offices yet, might drop by


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