Ramadhan Recipe: Udang Goreng Daun Kari

Udang Goreng Daun Kari

Ramadhan Recipe: Udang Goreng Daun Kari for 10 persons

•        1 kg Tiger prawn
•        200 gm Shallot big
•        100 gm Red chili   cut dice     
•        0.50 gm Bird chilli
•        0.30 gm Leaf kari (slice finely)
•        0.50 gm Spring onion
•        2 Egg white
•        Majerin + oil
•        White pepper
•        Salt and sugar as pertaste

•        Wash tiger prawns and marinate with turmeric.
•        Heat oil and deep fry until brown.
•        Sauté diced items together with curry leaf until fragrant.
•        Add egg white with prawns  and fry for while.
•        At last put white pepper ,salt and sugar as per taste.
•        Garnish with spring onions.

This is one of the Ramadhan Recipe by Chef Noor Hisham from Paya Serai Restaurant, Hilton Petaling Jaya.


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