EVE LOM Ultimate Cleansing Ritual Workshop with Mariesa Ferraro, International Skincare Expert & Trainer

Ever since I started to use EVE LOM Cleanser I fall in love with it. This is the star and iconic product of EVE LOM and it has won many international top beauty awards. Besides EVE LOM Cleanser I also use the Rescue Mask to help my skin to look fresh and radiant.

Mariesa Ferraro, EVE LOM International Skincare Expert and Trainer 

I have the privilege to meet Mariesa Ferraro the International Skincare Expert and Trainer for Eve Lom and at the same time attend Eve Lom Ultimate Cleansing Ritual Workshop Experience at Parkson Pavilion. Through this workshop I also get to experience some new EVE LOM products and well I really like the Moisture Mask.

EVE LOM is a skincare brand from believes in beautiful, simple and effective skincare, with a core philosophy of perfectly cleansed, exfoliated skin as the key to a glowing complexion. Cleansing is the first and important step of skincare regime.  Irrespective of age, skin type or skin concern, thorough cleansing and gentle exfoliation enables skin cells to regenerate quickly and provides a vital receptive base for beauty products to work at their best.

EVE LOM Cleanser

We started with EVE LOM Cleanser signature blend of four aromatic plant oils that leaves skin incredibly glowing and radiant with a smoother, more refined texture. You can check out my review about the EVE LOM CleanserMariesa also show and guided us the 7 Step Facial Massage so that we can achieve a better result when using EVE LOM products. These are the steps. I can only complete all the 7 steps during my weekend, weekday argh… too rush.

EVE LOM 7 step facial techniques

EVE LOM Facial Technique: You can optimize EVE LOM product efficacy and result by following these 7 step facial techniques twice a week for a beautiful and radiant complexion. Used as part of your nightly routine, the technique encourages improved blood circulation, muscle tone and lymphatic drainage, while helping eliminate toxins – so dull, blotchy, congested skin is transformed. 

If your skin’s tired, sallow or you suffer from blocked pores or puffiness, follow steps 1 to 7 twice a week. If your complexion is clear, you only need to apply the cleanser and follow movement 7 of the routine every night.

EVE LOM Rescue Mask

After using the muslin cloth and warm water to cleanse the cleanser away, then we are ready for the Rescue Mask. For more information you can read about my EVE LOM Rescue Mask Review.

EVE LOM Moisture Mask

After the Rescue Mask is the Moisture Mask. This is my first time trying EVE LOM Moisture Mask. It is cooling, suitable for all skin types and can be applied on face and neck. After 15 minutes I feel that my skin more supple and plump up. I will share more about this product in my coming post, do keep an eye ya.

EVE LOM Intense Hydrating Serum

EVE LOM Intense Hydrating Serum

Next is the Intense Hydrating Serum, this is an intense or concentrated moisturising treatment containing hyaluron for long-lasting skin hydration, protection and plumping. Absorb super fast into skin without any stickiness or oiliness. More details check out my EVE LOM Intense Hydrating Serum.

EVE LOM Eye Lift

We also get to try the EVE LOM Eye Lift that can help to helps to lift, firm and smooth the delicate eye contour area, while imparting radiance and long lasting hydration. Contains Retinol (which has been carefully encapsulated for use around the eye contour) and five other active ingredients, this age-defying eye treatment.

EVE LOM TLC Radiance Cream

Then EVE LOM TLC Radiance Cream, tender, loving, care very lightweight cream for age-defying and protective that help to transform dull and maturing skin. Infused with the deeply precious oil of Bulgarian Rose Otto, this complexion-boosting moisturiser gives instant and long-term results and leaves your skin looking lifted and more radiant.

EVE LOM Kiss Mix

Finally apply EVE LOM Kiss Mix on the lip and we are done. This moisturising, protective and cooling lip treatment has it all. Use under lipstick as a moisturising base, on its own for a softening pearlised sheen, or over lip-colour for a slick of protective shine.

Thanks Mariesa Ferraro for all the tips and guide to ultimate cleansing ritual and also not forgetting the Eve Lom team that work hard to organize and inviting me to this workshop. I have a good time learning and catching up with blogger friends on that day. 

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