8 Best Travel Bags For Weekend Escapades

Nothing beats having a well-designed bag at your side when traveling. From overnight trips to long weekend getaways, a weekender is a reliable travel companion that can hold everything from your shoes, wallet, smartphone, laptop, clothes, and more. You can also choose from many options depending on your needs, travel style, and budget. 

8 Best Travel Bags For Weekend Escapades

Finding the ideal weekend bag that is neither too small, large, nor heavy to carry with you on your travels is no easy task. This article will highlight the best travel bags perfect for short adventures that will suit every type of traveler and on every budget.

How Is A Weekender Bag Defined?

As the name implies, a weekender bag is designed for brief trips, typically for the weekend. The size of this type of bag is ideal for clothing, cosmetics, footwear, and other necessities that will last you for a couple of days.  Their rounded sides, zippered closures, and numerous pockets combine the ease of a backpack with the capacity of a smaller bag.

The key advantage of a weekender bag for weekend vacations is its ease of packing and unpacking.

Because of its wider opening, there is no need to cram everything when packing and keep your clothes neatly folded compared to a backpack, wherein you need to fold your items a few times to pass through its small opening. It is also much easier to see where your belongings are when unpacking.  

Additionally, weekender bags are stylish. They are available in a variety of materials, including polyester, canvas, leather, and nylon. The flexible material makes it simple to keep them flat for convenient storage. 

Certain brands also allow for customization of weekender bags, such as adding monograms and patches. 

Here are some of the styles of weekender bags you may want to know: 

1. Men's Leather Duffle Bag

One of the most preferred and classic styles of bag most men prefer for travel is the duffle.  

A duffle bag is a great softer shell bag for when you're packing a lot of things for your trip. Choosing something made from leather makes it a much more professional bag and stops it from looking too casual or tacky. Opt for a full grain leather duffle bag if you want a really premium product, as it will age well and is much more durable than cheaper leather options.

Weekender bag from Von Baer

2. Soft-Shell Suitcase

Soft-shell baggage provides better mobility and flexibility. 

A soft-shell suitcase is usually made of fabric, but it may contain a semi-rigid frame. They typically have a main compartment and sub-compartments in the lid. A zip pocket is also standard on the front of the suitcase.

Soft-shell cases are usually made of canvas or nylon. These materials compress under pressure, allowing your suitcase to fit into tight spaces. For example, you can squeeze the suitcase into a small luggage hold. 

Soft-shell luggage is ideal if you travel frequently and hop from plane to plane. It's also preferred when traveling by train or bus due to its flexibility.

3. Hard-Shell Suitcase

Hard-shell luggage comes in two varieties; both are meant to be rigid and restrict the movement of the contents inside. Some hard-shell bags feature rigid sides with canvas around the zipper area, while others are totally rigid. 

This sort of suitcase normally just has one compartment, with a smaller one on the inside of the top lid. Hard-shell suitcases also come in a variety of colors and prints. They can be more elegant and fun than soft-shell luggage.

In terms of the material, hard-shell cases are composed of tougher materials. Although the materials by brand vary, several manufacturers employ polycarbonate or comparable composites. When combined, these thermoplastics provide the rigidity and flexibility of the suitcase. 

If you prioritize protection over convenience, a hard-shell suitcase could be one of your best bets. These suitcases are made to withstand impact and keep your possessions safe, such as electronics and other personal belongings made of glass. 

They are also more secure because they are usually designed without exterior pockets. This way, it would be more difficult to open a compartment and take your stuff. Polycarbonate plastic cannot be sliced with a knife, unlike a canvas suitcase. 

Finally, hard-shell baggage maximizes packing space. The hard exterior shell keeps its shape, allowing you to pack it full of all your travel necessities.

4. Wheeled Duffels

Wheeled duffels are a little out of the ordinary.

You've got your standard suitcase with wheels and conventional duffel bags, and then there's this bag category in the middle. Some wheeled duffels feature soft sides that can fit into small spaces yet include a frame and hardware that can sustain a big load without flopping.

Do note that wheeled duffels have a quarter less storage space than a rolling suitcase. However, it is still fitting for short trips as it weighs only 4 pounds and a few ounces.

5. Travel Backpack

The travel backpack is a popular travel bag among those who travel light or are commonly known as backpackers. 

This backpack is comparable to a rucksack but with extra features like hip belts, zip shoulder straps, and storage for your belongings.

Travel backpacks are typically used for trips with outdoor activities as most are made with lightweight and waterproof materials. Thus, making it comfortable to carry for extended periods. It is also best for trips when you do not bring unbreakable items. Now visit this site to get high quality, lightweight travel backpack or rucksack.  

6. Wheeled Backpack

The wheeled backpack is suitable for travelers who carry a lot of heavy things. They are frequently larger and can carry more stuff.

The bag's versatility makes it a favorite of many. It includes wheels and shoulder straps for different ways of carrying. You can drag them through airports or while passing through the crowds. This is perfect for short trips that need airports, roads, and other locations.

7. Tote Bag

Any frequent traveler knows the value of a good tote. Tote bags are considered as a mainstay of a travel bag set. All of your essentials may be thrown into one large bag, and you're ready to go. A pretty coin bag is often included in a tote bag. Tote bags are available in various brands, colors, and designs.

Most conventional totes have two straps and the main section. While they provide the space and are suitable for everyday use, your things tend to be more disorganized because not all totes have inside pockets. 

While traveling, you don't want to be searching through your bag for your lotion, or worse, holding up the security line while you search for your boarding pass. 

8. Bucket Bag

The bucket bag is still a trend among those who like to have short trips. Bucket bags offer the same convenience as a tote but a more stylish package.

Bucket bags don't actually have to resemble buckets. They may have a flat, round, or oval bottom. The flat base keeps the bucket bag upright to look structured and appealing. Bucket bags made for travel have metal feet at the bottom to protect the material from dirt and damage. 

Moreover, bucket bags often have a drawstring top making them easy to open and close. Some brands use waxed canvas and leather drawstring closures to ensure the security of your items.  


Most bags can be used for travel, but not all are ideal for specific destinations and activities. The best travel bags can guarantee the safety of your belongings and comfort and convenience in using them, even if your trip is just a couple of days. Thus, choosing the right travel bag is very important.

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