Getting Around Central Europe Is Much Easier With These Tips

Travelling is one of the greatest experiences, as it allows for memorable moments and unforgettable situations. However, most people believe in a common myth that traveling is expensive. This could not be farther from the truth as with modern-day travel opportunities and chances it has never been more affordable. Therefore, read the text below to find out some useful tips!

Getting Around Central Europe Is Much Easier With These Tips
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The destination

Central Europe has become one of the favorite destinations to travel to in the last several years. Fortunately, the reason why these countries have become so popular is the way they are interconnected with each other as those countries have mostly been under communist rule for over five decades. There are railroad ways and cheap flights to go around, and the worst-case scenario might be taking a bus or car.

Make sure to take a taxi 

Before going around, make sure to rent a car, for the streets of Central Europe are perfect for a little drive. However, if by any chance you forget your license or feel anxious about driving in a new environment, you can hire a limo or get a taxi. For example, if you take the taxi to transfer from Bratislava to Vienna, you can make it in less than two hours, and you’ll have the rest of the day to think of accommodation and restaurants you should visit. Then again, Vienna has many routes to other countries within an hour or two, at low prices.

The thing with taxi prices is the amount of stuff you can take with you. You can pack as much as needed and as much as possible as opposed to flights where you are usually restricted to a certain limit when it comes to cargo, as cheap flights require you to carry around only your backpack and what fits in. With a taxi, getting around is no problem, furthermore, you can pack as much as you want without having to think about such minor details. 

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Finding proper accommodation

There are several stereotypes surrounding these destinations, however, such myths are far from reality as these countries have extraordinary prices and places to visit. When it comes to accommodation, you can, however, come across a few bad places. Avoid websites with a lack of proper recommendations and ratings, and avoid those with a low rating and negative feedback. Avoid fishy and strange places, in hidden and far away parts of the city.  

The best place to start are agencies offering the service, and for a small fee, you can find proper accommodation at a reasonable price and have extra protection and a right to return your money if the place was not up to your expectations.

Look for a quick guide for restaurants and food

The best place to start looking is blogger recommendations, as they usually go the extra mile and put effort into writing such posts. We highly recommend reading such posts as they give you a complete overview of the condition and food of such restaurants around the capital cities of Central Europe. The food often presents a blend of several cultures, as some of the countries have been under different regimes over the course of history. Such diversity allows for a true experience and will make your taste buds explode.

What to do in each city?

Vienna has been the cultural hub of Central Europe for the past several centuries, it has been the capital of the Austro-Hungary Empire in the past and is known for its long-lasting monuments and extraordinary museums and art galleries. Bratislava, Krakow, and Belgrade have been known for their architecture and astonishing rustic buildings from different periods. Castles, cobblestone streets, medieval atmosphere, and amazing landscapes are just things you can hope for. If you want to experience Belgrade’s architectural diversity and learn more about the city's turbulent history, you might want to organize a Belgrade Private Architecture Tour. That way, you’ll be sure you won’t miss anything. 

Making friends

Central Europe is home to some of the most friendly nations in the world. The people are pleasant, extremely friendly, and are nice towards tourists. These destinations are known as tourist attractions and therefore the people are well acquainted with foreign visitors. You can have some of the best food and best time in these places. Tourists shared their experiences on social media platforms, and often their impressions have always been positive, some had the pleasure of being invited as guests during holidays to the homes of their new friends.

We hope you’ll find these tips more than useful, and your vacation will be as pleasant and memorable as we described. You can have a great time, and travel for hundreds of miles at a cheaper price, and you’ll save money as the food and drinks are usually within everyone's price range.

You can wander around the romantic and narrow city streets, and jog or run in their clean and beautiful parts and green spaces. The food, street music, museum, theatres, and concert halls are common in every one of the many cities of Central Europe, as they have a long and rich history.

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