Areas Of The Face That Can Be Improved by Fillers

It is estimated that nearly 40% of people in America seek out beauty treatments due to concerns about their appearance. However, not all treatments are the same. There are various options available, but we'll focus on one in particular: fillers. Fillers are substances injected into the skin to improve a person's appearance, and they come in various forms. Let's look at some of the face areas that fillers can improve.

Areas Of The Face That Can Be Improved by Fillers
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What Are Fillers?

A filler is a substance injected into the skin to restore volume and change the contours of a particular area. Fillers are available in several forms, but dermal fillers hyaluronic acid is one of the most common forms. Hyaluronic acid can be found naturally in the body and used for decades as an artificial gel. Fillers do not need special preparation because they are injected into the skin like most other injectables.

How Do Fillers Work?

Fillers work by filling in the narrow spaces in our skin. When injected into the skin, they will expand and fill out the spaces and smooth out wrinkles. They also provide volume to cheeks and other face parts, adding a more youthful appearance. They can also add volume to the lips and neck, improving their appearance. Many people who receive fillers are surprised by how well they work because they experience no ill effects.

What Are The Benefits Of Fillers?

The primary benefit of fillers is their ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As people age, their skin loses some elasticity and develops fine lines. Fillers can restore the skin's elasticity and help to smooth out fine lines.

Another benefit of fillers is their ability to help improve the appearance of scars and other marks on the face. Fillers can fill in marks to be less noticeable and fade over time. This makes it easier for people to receive cosmetic surgery or hide the marks with cosmetics and makeup.

What Face Areas Can Be Improved By Fillers?

1. Lips

Lip fillers can improve the appearance of lips and make them fuller. They can also help reduce or eliminate the appearance of "pinch marks" between the lips. Lip filler is also a popular treatment for people who suffer from lip thinning due to genetics, illness, and lifestyle choices. When paired with other treatments, lip fillers can significantly improve the appearance of lips.

2. Cheeks

Cheek implants can add fullness to the cheeks and even the contours of the face. They can also help reduce or eliminate the double chin appearance in older people. Many people with thicker necks opt to get a chin implant in addition to cheek implants since they work together to provide visibly fuller faces. People who want a more youthful appearance may also consider getting cheek implants along with lips or other filler treatments.

3. Jawline & Necklines

A more youthful appearance can be achieved by filling in the thinning skin on the jawline and neck. They can make these areas appear fuller to no longer visible. This treatment can also help to improve the appearance of a "turkey neck" that may occur with weight loss or aging.

4. Forehead & Glabella

A forehead implant is another option for restoring fullness in this area that has lost elasticity with age and growth spurts. It can also correct the shape of the forehead and provide a more youthful appearance. A forehead implant can help fill out the area between the eyebrows so that hair will no longer grow there.

5. Nose

A nose implant is often used in people who have had a nose job or those who want to change the shape of their nose. Nose implants can also be used to improve the appearance of a large nose when it comes time to receive rhinoplasty. A nose implant can help make the nose's tip appear smaller or change its contour, making it appear less bulbous. You can also get a nose job along with cheek implants to change the look of your entire face.

6. Eyes

You can achieve fuller eyes by getting a combination of lower lid fillers, upper lid fillers, and eye bags. You can also opt to get two different treatments designed to treat different problems. For instance, you can get fillers to make your eyes appear wider or define them. You could also get a lip injection along with an eye bag treatment to complete these treatments.

7. Tear troughs

Tear troughs are the hollow, dark rings under the eyes. They are caused by excessive fat deposits that can occur for various reasons. These include getting older, genetics, and weight fluctuations. A tear trough treatment uses hyaluronic acid to restore this area with a more youthful appearance.

8. Brow lines

A brow lift can be performed to restore the appearance of a youthful brow line. It can also help smooth out the eyebrows and make them appear more natural. A brow lift is often paired with other facial fillers to create a fuller and natural appearance.

How Often Should I Get Fillers?

The best way to determine the right time to get fillers is to speak with your doctor. They will determine the ideal time for you, depending on your medical history, scars, or other areas that you want to improve. Your doctor may recommend that you have fillers every six to twelve months. This can allow you to get a variety of treatments and maintain optimal skin quality.

How Long Do Fillers Last?

The length of time that fillers last depends on your lifestyle and the type of filler you get. Natural fillers work for about six to twelve months before they start to wear off. This makes them ideal for those who want a short-term treatment. They are also preferred by people who do not want to commit to a more extended treatment plan. Synthetic fillers can last up to two years in some cases, depending on the patient and the filler itself. The best way to maintain the results of your filler treatments is to stick to a healthy lifestyle and avoid habits that are harmful to the skin.

Are Fillers Safe?

Most fillers are safe as long as you follow your doctor's instructions. Recent studies have examined the safety of fillers and found that they are highly effective without any associated risks or adverse side effects. The best way to ensure optimal results is by getting fillers from a licensed medical professional trained in using them.

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