Does Collagen Help With Hair Loss?

Are you experiencing hair loss or thinning and wondering if collagen can help? The simple answer is YES. Collagen is one of the most enriching nutrients for hair growth. This protein acts as an adhesive and gives elasticity and strength to hair and skin.

Does Collagen Help With Hair Loss?
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Little wonder collagen is now a popular ingredient in most beauty and hair care products, including topical and edibles. One delicious collagen drink that has been helping people prevent hair loss is chocolate collagen drink.

In this article, we will be discussing how collagen helps with hair loss and promotes hair growth. But to start with, let’s quickly discuss this protein, collagen.

What is collagen?

As stated by the collagen experts at Let's Talk Collagen, collagen is a naturally occurring polypeptide protein composed of several amino acids. This protein is abundant in the skin, hair, connective tissue, bones, and cartilage.

It makes up a large part of our hair, skin, and nails. In fact, collagen is the building block that surrounds every hair strand. It gives our hair structure, strength, and quality.

How does collagen help with hair loss?

Hair loss has been a major problem most people experience at some point in their lifetime. Several factors can cause hair loss, but one significant cause is the lack of collagen produced in the body.

When your body’s collagen production drops, your hair begins to lose its suppleness and thickness, and this affects your scalp.

Collagen supplements, however, have been found to provide the necessary nutrients, moisture, and strength needed to sustain healthy hair. Collagen peptides are easy to digest; hence, results from adding collagen supplements to your diet show up faster than when you take hair loss pills.

More so, taking supplements like a chocolate collagen drink from Cobionic – improves blood circulation, thereby supplying a sufficient amount of nutrients to your hair follicles and reducing hair loss.

What makes collagen helpful for hair loss treatment?

Here are some collagen properties that make them work for hair loss and thinning problems:

Collagen has plenty of antioxidants

Antioxidants help to protect hair follicles from damages caused by free radicals. Unfortunately, as your collagen production drops in your body, the natural defense against free radicals also decreases as you age.

Collagen has antioxidant properties, which help to stop the action of free radicals that attacks proteins and cells in the skin and hair.

Taking collagen supplements is a good way to replace lost collagen or boost low levels to keep your hair strength and texture intact.

Collagen improves the health of hair roots

If your skin dermis or scalp isn’t healthy, it becomes hard for your hair to stay in place. Collagen strengthens this middle layer of your skin that holds hairs in place.

However, loss of collagen in the dermis may result in hair loss. And taking collagen supplements is a good way to support the drop in collagen level as your age. This helps to support the dermis to keep hair roots intact, making it hard to lose your hair or suffer thinning.

Collagen boosts the production of fibroblast

Is collagen good for men? That is one of the frequently asked questions about taking collagen supplements. Taking collagen supplements helps increase the production of fibroblast – an important substance that boosts your own natural collagen production.  So asides from strengthening your hair follicles, you also boost your body’s ability to make natural collagen.

Collagen is an essential part of your hair, skin, bones, and other structural parts. A drop in the level of this protein as you age can lead to several conditions, including hair loss. However, taking collagen supplements, especially in the hydrolyzed form, is an excellent way to boost your collagen level to support hair growth and stop hair loss.

If you desire to take a delicious collagen treat to prevent hair loss, you can add this collagen drink to your diet.

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