What Are The Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids?

Mentioning martial arts still calls to mind the idea of fighting and showing off cool moves in many people’s minds. Yet, you have to realise that there is far more to it than that. Taking the time to dig deeper into the intricacies of the various styles will reveal that martial arts training offers a number of valuable benefits beyond powerful kicks and mighty punches.

What Are The Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids?
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While the different martial arts disciplines all have similar, unifying values, they still offer unique benefits to the student. In addition, these advantages are readily apparent, no matter the participant’s age. Therefore, children are just as likely to see some gain as adults. So, if this is new to you, here are seven reasons martial arts benefit kids.

They Become More Active

With the popularity of screens and the rising prevalence of sedentary lifestyles, there are more and more reports of increasing rates of childhood obesity. This concern now spans the globe, meaning Australian children are not exempt. Therefore, because 1 in every 4 Australian children are either overweight or obese, it is crucial to encourage higher activity levels. One of those methods is by getting them started in martial arts training.

It Is a Confidence Booster

A child’s self-esteem is valuable, and it significantly impacts their daily living. Therefore, if they have low self-esteem, it can lead to them having negative thoughts about their value as a person, increasing instances of unfavourable comparisons to others, and difficulty making friends.

Martial arts training can be an effective confidence booster for children. Their participation in competitions and their achievements help them learn how to develop their abilities and find success from the process. Therefore, they become more self-reliant and thus able to hold their head up higher.

It Is a Tool For Teaching Respect

There is always a profound lesson behind learning any Martial Art. One of the more intricate ones is respect. Through training, the child also learns to respect all other facets of life, from their own existence to their parents and even extending to their country and the world.

It Teaches Teamwork

One key aspect of Martial Arts training is learning how to work within a team and as an individual. Therefore, kids who participate also grow from being tested and challenged by their peers.

It Encourages Them to Set Goals

In Martial Arts, the primary measure of achievement is the belt system. This scheme utilises belt colours to indicate a Martial Artist’s rank. Thus a child who progresses from colour to colour gets to do so by setting goals and working towards them.


Unfortunately, children are not exempt from experiencing the worst of humanity, be it in their schools or around their communities. Instances of verbal, mental and physical bullying in schools are increasing. Consequently, it is now best to equip a child with the necessary tools to help them defend and protect themselves. And that is where Martial Arts training comes in.

It Teaches Discipline

Training in the Martial Arts requires significant amounts of strength and fortitude. A child must also be able to take instructions and act accordingly without losing their capacity for creative thinking. Therefore, building the necessary skill also ingrains a healthy sense of discipline by compelling them to work through the discomfort, observe time commitments, and set and then meet their goals.

There is a lot that your child will gain from Martial Arts. Beyond getting more fit, they will also develop valuable character traits that will help them become well-rounded individuals beyond their childhood and into adulthood.

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