Why Loungewear is Becoming a Big Trend

Let’s be frank - 2021 was very much the year of loungewear! With so many people stuck inside for most of the year, slipping into some comfortable and warm clothes was one of life’s little pleasures that weren’t taken away. But now that we’re allowed back out and about, fashionable looks and tailored styles are reappearing in people’s wardrobes. This being said, we don’t think loungewear is going anywhere anytime soon and is still one of the biggest trends out there. Here are some reasons why we think loungewear will continue to be a popular choice this year.

Why Loungewear is Becoming a Big Trend 
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Relaxing vibes 

Although the outside world is slowly opening up again, lots of us are still working from home. That means more loungewear and fewer smart dresses. After spending so long inside, loungewear has become an inescapable feature of most wardrobes. Thankfully, there are so many awesome styles to choose from that effortlessly combine comfort and smartness. There’s no reason why loungewear has to suggest you’ve just rolled out of bed, either. Casual, relaxed vibes are particularly on-trend right now, and our collection of stunning styles are perfectly suited to a day working from home and a quick jaunt out to the shops.

Working from home essentials 

One of the main reasons why most of us are so tempted to slip into some loungewear is because we’re working from home. Given that many companies are planning to keep their employees working from home into the future (at least for half the time), loungewear options are very much here to stay. The outcome? We’re seeing that loungewear now looks smarter, comfier, and chicer than it has done in the past. Whether it’s a classic animal print or smart, roll-neck designs, it’s impossible to deny that loungewear styles have been cranked up a notch in recent times. Who doesn’t love the idea of working from home in some chic loungewear? We certainly do! 

Lots of options

Another reason for loungewear’s popularity in the last year or so is because of the incredible variety of pieces available. Regardless of your style or personal taste, there are so many loungewear sets for you to choose from. One of our fluffiest numbers is arguably our favourite combo in the current Chi Chi London collection, but if you’re looking for something a little smarter, you could go for some of our loungewear with a ribbed style. Alternatively, for something baggier, our sophisticated dark green set is perhaps just what you’ve been looking for. 

With home working set to stay and with such a stunning variety available, we think that loungewear is here for the long run. Browse through Chi Chi’s impressive collection today and choose the ideal number to snuggle up in as you prepare for the arrival of winter. 

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