How to Rent a Car in Dubai

Going to Dubai, many travelers wrestle with the question of how to get around the city while traveling. In this metropolis, there is comfortable public transport, buses, trams, monorails, and subways. Also, you can use a taxi, but more and more tourists visiting Dubai are choosing a car rental. 

How to Rent a Car in Dubai
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Whatever you choose — to rent VIP cars in Dubai or something cheaper — here, you will find high-quality service available for everyone. We will walk you through all the specific rules for renting cars in Dubai and give some useful tips. 

Best Ways to Rent a Car

Here, there are a lot of places where you can rent a car. Rental services are located throughout the city. You can contact both local rental offices and international ones. You can also contact a car rental remotely. Let’s learn more about the ways of car rental in Dubai.

At the Airport

At Dubai International Airport, most rental companies are located directly inside the terminals. As rental services can differ from one terminal to another, you may need to check some of them before finding your car booked in advance. But here, there are free shuttles, which will take you to the offices of remote companies.

In the city

You can find rental services near hotels and other similar places popular among tourists. The disadvantage of this method is the inability to compare the cost offered by several offices. In addition, your choice is limited to only those cars that are available at the time of applying.

Via a Website

You can find rental companies on the Internet, contact them directly by phone or email. Thus, you can appoint a specific place and time where it will be convenient for you to pick up the car and fill out all the necessary documents. The great advantage of this method is the ability to choose the most suitable option among the many offers from different services. 

As for the rental price, it is approximately $40 per day (the exact price will depend on the chosen car brand, rental period, etc.). For comparison: You will have to pay about $50 a day for a taxi ride in Dubai.

What documents are needed 

To rent a car, you should provide an international driver’s permit (IDP), as well as a national driver's license. It is strictly forbidden to drive a car in Dubai without an IDP, so car rental companies won’t let you rent a car without this document.

The age of the person wishing to rent a car must be at least 21 years old, and the driving experience must be at least 1 year. In addition to the IDP, you must have a passport with you. If the car was booked via the Internet, you should print out the rental voucher in advance. Payment for this service is made only with a card, no car rental company accepts cash.

Some Words about Car Insurance

It is like a safety cushion from unplanned material costs because no one can predict what will happen during the trip. In most cases, car rental companies have car insurance limited to a franchise. This means you pay for the damage within the fixed price which depends on the rental company and car class. 

Before renting a car, you should leave a deposit. If the car damage is your fault, the lessor will deduct it from the deposit amount, but no more than the cost of the franchise. At the end of the rental period without accidents, the deposit is returned to you in full.

A car in Dubai is not a luxury, but a necessity. In the hot UAE with its excellent roads, convenient parking, and strict observance of traffic rules, everything is made for driving a car. Cheap gasoline and affordable rental prices allow you to save a lot on excursions, which are quite expensive here. All these make Dubai one of the most comfortable cities in the world for traveling by car.

Everyone agrees that getting around the city by an air-conditioned car is much more convenient and enjoyable. And even safer in the coronavirus era. Have a great road trip in Dubai!

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