Travel Ideas: How to Enjoy Your Summer Vacation in the Heart of Europe

We are all in desperate need of a vacation right now. The last couple of years haven’t been easy on anyone with the COVID-19 pandemic and everything that is going on in the world right now. We need to relax, unwind, and turn off the news. Now that summer is approaching, you are probably thinking of your next vacation destination. Europe is filled with beautiful places, sceneries, food, and great nightlife. There is so much in this continent that is waiting for you to discover. For this reason, we bring you great ideas on how to enjoy your summer vacation in the heart of Europe.

Travel Ideas: How to Enjoy Your Summer Vacation in the Heart of Europe
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Ride an Air Balloon in Turkey

Have you seen any Turkish soap operas? This country is famous for its beautiful scenery and can be even enjoyed more from above. If you are going to spend your next vacation in Europe, you should consider riding a hot air balloon in Cappadocia. You will be able to see everything the city has to offer, like caves and rocks that are millions of years old. You will have a magical experience.

Ride a Scooter in Italy

When you think of Italy, you probably imagine taking a boat ride in the Venice Canals. While this is a beautiful experience, you should add a scooter ride in Sardinia to your list as well. This beautiful island with its small towns, history, and culture has so much that you can explore. Rent a scooter anywhere on the island, so you can go on an amazing adventure. Don’t worry, the roads in Sardinia are very safe as the island itself is very peaceful and quiet. What can be better than exploring a city on a scooter with the wind on your face and beautiful architecture everywhere you look?

Ride a Yacht in Croatia

Are you a Game of Thrones fan? If you are, then you should visit Croatia where many of the scenes of the show were shot there, and you can take cool pictures in some of your favorite places from the show like King’s Landing. 

Another reason to visit this beautiful country is the beaches. Croatia is famous for its beaches where you can swim, relax, or rent a yacht. One of its famous beaches is in the city of Dubrovnik, according to the information on My Croatian Charter, where you can have fun on a yacht charter and enjoy the city’s enchanting beaches. You can rent a yacht for a few days with your friends or family and enjoy a relaxing holiday in the middle of the water and leave all your worries behind.

Go Hiking in Greece

You can go hiking anywhere, but nothing beats the hiking experience in Crete, Greece. In one of the country’s most popular national parks, Samaria Gorge, you will find one of the longest hiking trails in all of Europe. It is an easy trail to hike since it is downhill, but if you are an experienced hiker, then going hiking in Samaria Gorge is a must.

Enjoy Nice’s Beaches

Nice is one of the most popular cities in France that you have probably heard about before. One of the reasons many people love this city is its beaches, so if you are planning a summer vacation, Nice will make the perfect destination. The city also has beautiful weather, a breathing coastline, and gorgeous scenery. If you love architecture, then you will enjoy the beautiful buildings everywhere you look in the city. You will get to relax on the beach, eat delicious food, and do various water activities like kayaking, parasailing, paddleboarding, and many more.

Take a Swim in Slovenia

Are you a fan of fairy tales? Lake Bled in Slovenia looks like it is out of your favorite Disney movie. The lake is famous for its beautiful clear blue water as the Julian Alps mountains surround it, and one of its most popular landmarks is a medieval castle. See, we weren’t exaggerating when we said it is like being in a fairytale. So take a swing in this enchanting lake and enjoy an out-of-this-world experience.

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There’s nothing more exciting then getting ready for an amazing summer vacation. The perfect recipe being sun, sand, and beautiful sights to see. There isn’t a boring moment in Europe, and if you decide to spend your next summer vacation in a European country or more, you should try any of the places we have mentioned here. If this isn’t your first time visiting Europe or looking for a different experience, you should add these travel ideas to your bucket list.

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