Healife Alternative Treatments in KL

They said a life without health is like a river without water. Indeed, health and wellness are our utmost priority. Recently, I discovered the first-of-its kind integrative health centre in Kuala Lumpur. Healife is a holistic health and wellness center that integrates 4 types of medicine such as Tradisional Chinese Medicine, Arabic Medicine, Indian Medicine (Ayurveda), and Modern Medicine.

They provide free health check by their certified medical professional before embarking on any treatment. After that they will recommend the best personalized healthcare solution based on the patients’ needs. 

During my recent visit to Healife Centre in Kuala Lumpur, I get to know more about their history, facilities, types of treatments, testimonial, and also their 100 Days Re-birth package. 

One of the testimonials that amazed me there is a patient who had severe injuries on her thumb until it affected her muscles, nerves, and mobility. After the treatment at Healife, the wound healed, the pain subsided, she is able to move her thumbs and hands plus the shape of the injured thumbs also getting back to normal.

At Healife, they We believe that everyone is unique and require personalize care to address to their concern. The medical professional with will provide free health checks before embarking their consultation and treatment. Then after that they will provide the best customize plan or solutions. 

Healife History

Healife’s history begins with a desperate patient and the founder of Healife Dr Rehan, when she found the treatment to her chronic illness within alternatives medicine and further her studies in this field along with modern medicine. She had changed many lives since the opening of Healife in Malaysia in 2019. 

There are 12 treatment rooms in Healife Kuala Lumpur and in each room is equipped with high-tech and state-of-the-art equipment. Among the treatments available here such as weight control, diabetes, stress management, anger management, skin elasticity, acne problems, bloating, and many more. The staff at Healife are qualifies and experience. 

Healife Treatments 

1. Health Treatments with integrated approach provides a unique portfolio of health treatment that can help manage and support your own healthcare needs, working to complement established care pathways.

2. Body Remodelling to embrace a healthier and happier body with a range of treatments to support weight control and improved physique.

3. Facial Revival treatments can lift and uplift your look to provide a positive glow to your personal appearance.

Healife 100 Re-Birth Program

At Healife they ensure that their patient achieves their health goals, to treat from the root-cause of each problem and provide long lasting solution that improve patient quality of life. This 100 Re-Birth Program is design to change the life of their patient 

  • Easy to follow and long-lasting diet 
  • Traditional herbal prescriptions 
  • Fat burning and body remodeling using the latest technology
  • Reduce chronic pain
  • Improving fitness and flexibility with 1 to 1 guidance

This program is customized to those who look for total improvement of their health for long term. 

If you are interested you can head over to Healife for your free health checks and consultation. Their treatment ranges from RM1500 to RM5000 depending on the treatment that you required. 

Healife Kuala Lumpur 

Location: Menara Olympia, Level 2, 8 Jalan Raja Chulan, 50250 Kuala Lumpur

Telephone: +60184001025

For more information about Healife Alternative Treatments in KL, please visit Healife Website, Facebook, and Instagram


  1. ada free health check ..bgs juga tu..bole pilih 4 jenis perubatan tu la ye

  2. They look well-equipped and the treatment room looks comfortable too! Maybe should try their service too someday. :)

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  7. Thanks for sharing about Healife Kuala Lumpur bagus sgt utk kesihatan, mcm2 treatment ada bagus sapa2 nk buat treatment di sini

  8. I heard about ayurveda and holistic treatment long ago. But never get a chance to experience it myself. Thanks Kelly for sharing about Healife and alternative treatment.

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  10. Really amazed by the treatment done ya! Love the testimony and this give us the confident kan!

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