Starbucks Dream Beyond Mini-Tour & New Beverages

When matcha meet strawberry… The new Strawberry Dream Pure Matcha Latte with aromatic Pure Matcha flavor and deliciously light layers of strawberry flavored cloud foam. A soothing and subtly sweet finish. Another new drink for this Spring is Strawberry Dream Crème Frappuccino®Well, to mark the beginnings of Spring, Starbucks Malaysia introduced its ‘Dream Beyond Mini-Tour’, a roadshow to inspire people to lift their imaginations and to dream up of more creative, unexpected solutions – ideas beyond the norm. 

Starbucks Malaysia Dream Beyond Mini-Tour & New Beverages 

The roadshow will run every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11th March until 3rd April from 10am to 8pm across Klang Valley, Penang, and Johor. 

Zakiah Hanim, Director of Marketing and Category of Starbucks Malaysia together with Dato' Fazley Yaakob

During these roadshows, you can also enjoy various exclusive activities, from personalizing their merchandise to snapping photos with the ‘Dream Beyond’ gallery wall.

Starbucks New Beverages 

In conjunction with the launch, Starbucks Malaysia also introduced brand new beverages that are inspired by the scenic cherry blossom landscapes of Japan. Featuring ingredients of pure matcha and sweet strawberry, the combinations of these flavors build up into a whimsical beverage fit for your Instagram feed. Available at all stores, while stocks last.

Strawberry Dream Pure Matcha Latte Iced

NEW! Starbucks® Strawberry Dream Pure Matcha Latte 

The classic aromatic Pure Matcha gets a delightfully fluffy strawberry twist with the Starbucks® Strawberry Dream Pure Matcha Latte. Enjoy the soothing Pure Matcha flavor, perfectly balanced with milk and strawberry syrup, creating deliciously light layers of strawberry flavored cloud foam for a subtly- sweet finish. Available as a hot and iced handcrafted beverage.

Starbucks® Strawberry Dream Crème Frappuccino®

NEW! Starbucks® Strawberry Dream Crème Frappuccino® blended beverage

The Strawberry Dream Crème Frappuccino® blended beverage is a blissful combination of strawberry and vanilla – made with milk, ice, Creme Frappuccino® syrup base, berrylicious strawberry syrup, and dreamy vanilla syrup. 

These flavors are layered to create a mesmerizing pink ombre look, topped with indulgent whipped cream and colorful sprinkles for a fun finish. Available as a blended handcrafted beverage. You can also customize your beverage with plant-based whipped cream, now available at Starbucks® stores across Malaysia. 

Dato' Fazley with Starbucks Malaysia partners

Starbucks ‘Dream Beyond’ Mini Tour

Starbucks ‘Dream Beyond’ Mini Tour started in Starbucks Reserve Tropicana Gardens Mall, from 11th March to 13th March. After that, the tour will continue upwards to Penang at Starbucks Tanjong Tokong Drive-Thru store, from 18th March through to 20th March, before moving southbound to Johor at Starbucks Setia Tropika Drive-Thru from 25th March to 27th March. Finally, the last stop of the tour will make its return to Klang Valley to the heart of Kuala Lumpur at Starbucks Reserve Shoppes at Four Seasons Place, from 1st April to 3rd April. All activities within the tour dates will operate from 10am to 8pm, each day.

Dato' Fazley at the Dream Beyond Gallery Wall

Starbucks ‘Dream Beyond’ Mini Tour Schedule 

Store Name



Starbucks Reserve™ Tropicana Gardens Mall

Lot G-22, Ground Floor, Tropicana Gardens Mall, Jalan PJU 3/21, Tropicana indah, 47410 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

11th March – 13th March

Starbucks Tanjong Tokong Drive-Thru

4-G Jalan Pantai Molek, 10470 Tanjung Tokong, Penang.


18th March – 20th March


Starbucks Setia Tropika


No.8B Jalan Setia Tropika 1/21, Taman Setia Tropika, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor.     

25th March – 27th March

Starbucks Reserve ™

Shoppes at Four Seasons

Lot 1, Ground Floor at Shoppers at Four Seasons Place, No. 145, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur

1st April – 3rd April

Visit any of the locations during the tour dates you will be able to purchase selected Starbucks merchandise at up to 40% off. You can also participate in a number of activities, including a TikTok Challenge where three winners will be able to walk away with Starbucks merchandise worth up to RM500 at the conclusion of the tour. 

Engraving services

There will also be a personalized engraving services provided for you to personally engraved any new merchandise that you purchase during the tour. Apart from that, you will also enjoy complimentary Siren Gifting services during the event should you want to send you personalized merchandise to your friends or families around Malaysia.

 Starbucks Signature Gift Box for RM15

The new spring beverages will be priced from RM20.15 onwards, and will be available in all stores across Malaysia, while stocks last. Engraving services will be priced at RM5 for customers who make their purchase with a Starbucks Card or Mobile app, or RM10 for customers who make their purchase with any other payments. The Dream Beyond Mini Tour will also retail its Starbucks Signature Gift Box for RM15 with any merchandise purchase. 

For more information and update about Starbucks Malaysia Dream Beyond Mini-Tour & New Beverages, please visit Starbucks Malaysia Website, Facebook, and Instagram


  1. I have been having the Starbucks® Strawberry Dream Crème Frappuccino® almost the whole week, this week. So yummy.

  2. omg the Strawberry Dream Pure Matcha Latte looks so delicious i cant wait to order one right now!

  3. Waaa menariknyaa... Matcha tu Sis dah try, memang sedap.. eh nak try laa gi Setia Tropika tu, dekat.. nak beli botol nak buat gift kat anak...

  4. Wahhh! Strawberry meet Matcha.. Interesting and going to try out these new beverages this weekend with my friends la... bestnya siap boleh customize the merchandises with our name kan..

  5. air yang baru nampak sedap... ok.. nanti pergi starbucks nak orderla hehe

  6. Nice! Bestnya dapat tengok engraving dilakukan secara LIVE! Tini suka juga dapatkan merchandise Starbucks ni, nampak exclusive. My daughter ada try Starbucks® Strawberry Dream Crème Frappuccino® baru nih, sedap katanya. Tahniah Starbucks!

  7. Kita kena kasitau my sister in law ni sebab dia tu addicted sangat dengan Starbucks. Adanya merchandise sure dia love it dan grab cepat-cepat. Hope so belanja kita jugak nanti. Yeayyyy

  8. I dont really drink matcha, but how can I resist if it was mix with strawberry?!

  9. Starbucks ni keluar lah minuman ape pun. Mesti i cuba. Sekarang dekat apps ahli dapat try minuman early sebelum jualan. My fav cawangan di Starbucks Ukay Perdana. Aman dan tenang. Soon highway dah buka. Tak aman dah la nanti. At least i berpeluang enjoy my moment. Hahaha


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