How To Find A Reliable Handyman in Singapore?

Home improvements and repairs are necessary but it does not come at a cheap price. Since it is our home, we always want it in its best condition and when we ask for repairs, it is only reasonable to expect a quality service that would keep your home sturdy for decades. A crucial key in keeping your home safe and damage-free is a reliable handyman in Singapore.

How To Find A Reliable Handyman in Singapore?
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A handyman is a person skilled in overall maintenance and repair. They mostly have no certified expertise and can offer more than one area. Handymen’s specialties range from repair in electrical and heating systems up to locksmith services. This shows that they are flexible and could take on both small and huge projects.

When hiring a handyman, you should know first what type of handymen there are. Some of them only take jobs as maintenance personnel for residential and commercial complexes, some are freelancers, while others work for service agencies that take jobs from homeowners, business owners and bigger-scaled areas.

Choosing a handyman to entrust your house repair and maintenance might be quite tricky as there are some “handymen” that offer lower prices as bait especially when you have no connection to any known handyman. Don’t worry, we will guide you how to choose a handyman that will provide the service that you prefer.

Handyman Services Singapore

If you are planning to take on a huge project and would want qualified handymen to handle all of it, you can just contact Handyman Services SIngapore. They are a great all-in-one contact since they can handle painting, carpentry, electrical, and plumbing works for any part of your home or your office.

All of their services could be seen on their website and if it’s not listed, you could send a request and expect a quote upon evaluation. They even accept emergency services. Handyman Services Singapore is an easy and hassle-free way to get a reliable handyman at a client-friendly rate.


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What Does A Handyman Do in Singapore?

Before anything else, it is important to know what a handyman usually handles. Services offered would vary on the handyman, what one does not accommodate could be one’s expertise. Generally, handymen have the knowledge in carpentry, appliance installation, locksmith, minor electrical wiring, assembly of furniture and equipment, painting, and renovation.

Licensed handymen can also take on advanced projects such as plumbing works, advanced electrical repairs, aircon servicing, water heater service, and gas services. Since services offered vary, make sure to ask your handyman if they are experienced in the work you need before settling for anything.

Benefits Of Getting A Handyman in Singapore

For the past few years, Do-It-Yourself projects and step-by-step guides of home repairs can be easily searched through the internet, and people tend to do repairs on their own. While it can expand skills and creativity, accidents and harm are still at bay. 

If you are not sure whether you want to do it on your own or to find a handyman, you may want to consider these benefits if you hire one.

Safer Home

The most important and obvious benefit of hiring a handyman is they would adhere with the standards of repairs and installations, making it safer for your home. Doing technical jobs on your own, especially if you are not experienced, could cause accidents to you as well as damage to your house, and getting a handyman diminishes this possibility.

Time efficient

Since working on plumbings and wirings by yourself might take a lot of time, it’s a lot better to let the handyman repair them. Not only do they work smoothly and faster as they have a lot of experience, but they would also discuss the cause of the problems and the precautions you can take so it will not happen again.

Saves Money

Giving a handyman a call instead of buying all materials and equipment for the repairs in your house is more cost-effective. There are possibilities of mistakes in DIY repairs as well which would mean you have to buy additional equipment. In addition to this, handymen usually buy products for their job at a discounted rate.


Having a project completed by a handyman would give you peace of mind since you are sure it is done by a professional. You can also expect that they are provided with the highest quality of service since handymen live by good reviews from previous clients.


As the saying goes, “Experience is the best teacher,” it also is a better teacher than the tutorials that you’ll find on the internet. Since they are experienced, they are keen and meticulous in doing their job. The practice they had in repairs and installations through the years would mean a faster and fool-proof service for you.

Does a Handyman Need a License in Singapore?

Before hiring a handyman, you should first check if the services you need require licensing. Engaging with a non-licensed handyman for projects that can pose danger is illegal. Aside from legality, having a license is a crucial proof of competence. 

Not all works require a license, however, your handyman should have the following licenses if they are taking on bigger projects.

1. PUB Plumbing License

Simple tasks such as Sanitary Works (Used Water) and Water Service Works (Potable Water) do not require a plumbing license, but for the rest, it is an offense for anyone to hire a plumber not licensed by PUB.

Licensed Plumbers follow the standards of plumbing work and they work in accordance with the technical requirements, water conservation, water quality, and safety guidelines. Advanced plumbing works like installation of water heater, fixing, and maintaining plumbing systems should be handled by PUB Licensed Plumbers.

2. EMA Gas Service Worker License

If you are looking for gas-related services, it is important to ask for their EMA License.The Energy Market Authority issues a license for gas service workers who will construct, alter, fix, and renew gas pipes and gas appliances.

3. EMA Electrical Work License

For electrical installations, all works should be performed by a licensed electrical worker. There is an EMA Electrical Work License for handymen offering new wiring, rewiring, and extension services.

Since these fields are more technical and could cause danger when not done properly, it is required by the Singapore government to only reach out the services of licensed handyman, but for the rest of your home fixes such as minor home repairs and installations, you do not need to ask for a licensed handyman.

How To Find A Reliable Handyman in Singapore?

Now, the question comes down on how you can find a reliable handyman to do your repairs and installations. Here are some of the ways you can source for a competent and trustworthy handyman.

Word of Mouth

The most common way of finding a handyman is through word of mouth. If one of your friends or colleagues previously had some repairs or renovations done, you can reach out to them and ask if they recommend their handyman. Hiring one that you know personally is more advantageous since you can easily contact them in case issues arise, or if there are more projects to be done.

Through word of mouth, it is easier to get feedback from the previous clients as well. Reviews are even more credible since you know them personally and you can see the work done for yourself.


Thanks to the internet, you can now get a handyman in your area online. When searching for a handyman, filter it to your location and see the latest posts. Scroll through their page and see reviews to have an idea on the quality of their works. If you are satisfied enough, you can send them a message and see if they are perfect for the help you need.

Local Hardware Store

Another option in looking for a handyman is through your local hardware store. Afterall, where else is better to go than a store that provides necessary supplies for home repairs and renovations? It is most likely that all the local handymen would get their supplies from your local hardware store, and they could recommend a trusted handyman for you. 

What Do Most Handyman Charge Per Hour In Singapore?

Charges would differ depending on the type of job, the materials and expertise needed, and the time required to complete the work. Every handyman would charge different rates since they have different experiences, different cost of services, and they offer different quality of services.

In general, handyman services would cost from S$60, electrical repairs start from S$80, and painting services cost $280 and above. If you want more specific services, here are some of their starting rates.




Door Knob Replacement


Door Repair Services


Furniture Installations


Furniture Assembly


Replacing Water Piper


Installation of Bathroom Fixtures


Locksmith Services


Electrical & Lighting Services


Painting Services


Finding A Reliable Handyman in Singapore

Now that you have the overall idea of the field a cheap handyman in Singapore works on, the qualifications needed, where to find them, and the rate they ask, here are additional tips to consider to have smooth and successful transactions.

● Canvass first. It is better to ask from different handymen first before settling for one. This way, you can compare prices and get a lower price for the same result.

● Ask for recommendations. It is hard to trust your home repairs to a stranger so it is best to ask for their previous clients’ feedback.

● Communicate your expectations. Your handyman would want to satisfy you and in order to do this, you have to tell them how exactly you want the installations or renovations done. You should also consider your handyman’s advice to avoid any recurring problems.

● Know your handyman. We would suggest having a chat with them. Having great communication would build a trusting relationship between the two of you and result in a transparent and successful project.

Still wondering how to install your new chandelier or how to fix leaking pipes? Find a reliable handyman in Singapore instead with the help of this article!

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