7 Pieces of Furniture That Sell Easiest Online

Selling furniture online has become a way for many people to make money. Others simply want to sell off old pieces they no longer use to make room for something new. 

7 Pieces of Furniture That Sell Easiest Online
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Whether you’re trying to simply get rid of stuff or you want to start a business flipping or refinishing furniture, it’s important to know what sells. Buying and selling mattresses isn’t as lucrative as wood and other solid surface pieces of furniture. 

If you want to sell your furniture online, here are the best pieces to start with. 

High-Quality Couches

Couches can be really expensive brand new. If you have a great set of couches with a lot of life left in them, they should sell quite easily. Make sure you clean them up, try and remove any stains, and vacuum out all the crumbs before you sell. 

Sturdy End Tables

End tables are one of those great pieces of furniture that always sell well. Because people can paint them and give them a facelift, even the most dated pieces are desirable for eager buyers. 

Solid Wood Dressers

Wooden dressers sell especially well online. If you want to sell your furniture, offer your dressers as well. They are easy to clean up and DIYers are always looking for a great deal to transform and give a second life to. 

Nice Bed Frames

While a cheap metal bed frame is fine, nicer bed frames including headboards and footboards sell very well online. Frames that aren’t upholstered or could be easily reupholstered are also desirable. You won’t have much of a problem getting rid of any extras you have lying around. 

Unique Wall and Standup Mirrors

Mirrors are another great home d├ęcor item to sell online. If you want to sell your furniture, these will sell much better than artwork. Mirrors add a lot of light to a room, their frames add interest, but they are much more neutral. This means they appeal to a wider variety of buyers. Art is so subjective, that sometimes it’s harder to sell wall art. 

Lamps to Add Lighting to Any Room

If you want to sell your furniture, add your lamps to the mix. Lamps sell very well. These simple lighting pieces can be very expensive in stores, so finding quality secondhand options is appealing. 

Easy to Clean Rugs

Rugs also sell very well. Selling your furniture and rugs as a set could be a great option if they work well together. Be willing to separate the rugs and make sure you take a good photo that shows what the whole thing looks like. It also helps to communicate how big it is in your listing. 

A Few Extra Tips if You Want to Sell Your Furniture

It’s important to take good photos of the items you want to sell. While you don’t need to be an award-winning photographer, you do need to take images using a good phone camera in good lighting. Don’t take your photos at night or in a dimly lit room. Good lighting, especially natural light will make your furniture look the best. Remove clutter from around your furniture as well. Posting online in the late afternoon or evening will also help people see your pieces when they are most likely to be searching for them. 

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