10 Signs That Your Cat Is Healthy and Happy

As a caring and concerned parent, you might wonder whether your cat is happy. You might worry about the cat's health too. Every cat is different and expresses its happiness in different ways. For humans, it is easy to express joy, they use their vocals and facial expressions. 

10 Signs That Your Cat Is Healthy and Happy

As for a cat, it gets tricky for a cat parent to understand what their purry kitty is asking for. To understand this, dive into the article and get your answers! 

Signs Indicating Happiness and Good Health of Your Cat

When the cats indulge in purring and kneading, one should assume that the cat is happy and healthy and doesn't need any Cat probiotics.

But, it's not the same for all the cats. Cats have a lot of mood swings, and it gets difficult to understand what they are going through. 

Cats are complicated. They might look good outside, but they don't need to be well. 

Hence, we bring to you ten signs that indicate your cat's good health and happiness. Read on to check on your cat's physical and emotional health! 

10 Signs to Indicate the Happiness and Good Health of a Cat

1. The Coat of Your Cat Is Shiny

It is a well-known fact that good health is a key to happiness and contentment. This is true for the cats too. 

If your cat has a shiny coat, pink gums, clear eyes, fresh breath, and her ears are free from discharge, she's possibly free from any kind of pain and is healthy. 

2. Pleasant Temperament of the Cat

A cat should feel safe with her humans and in her home. This is an important fact that should be taken care of. 

Once the cat feels safe and secure, she'll try to explore and interact with her environment frequently. 

You should keep stressors like noise and other sources of noise pollution under control. This way, your cat will feel more confident and safe. 

3. Should Have a Playful Attitude

Cats that are happy and secure love to explore their environment and are willing to spend their energy into play. 

Not every cat is outgoing. Most cats are shy, but they will interact with their environment happily if they are healthy. 

The cats will act friendly with people if they feel safe and secure in their homes. One should ensure that their cat feels wanted and safe. 

4. The Weight of the Cat Is Maintained

Once a cat reaches adulthood, the weight shouldn't vary too much. This signifies that your cat is healthy. 

If your cat gains weight, this could indicate an injury that restricts your cat from moving around. It could also mean that the cat is under stress, which causes weight gain. The cat could be stressed due to a new place or a new family member. 

If your cat is losing weight, this could indicate health problems like diabetes, thyroid, and gastrointestinal issues. 

5. Cat’s Purring 

If your cat keeps purring, this is a quintessential sign of your cat's good health. But, purring can be a sign of pain too. 

Purring can indicate that the cat is under stress or is soothing herself. The frequency of purring has a therapeutic effect on the cat's health. 

If the cat's usual purr is like a rumble that suddenly intensifies, this could be a sign that she's soothing herself with a purr of a high frequency. 

6. Healthy Cat’s Stool 

Note that your cat should have deep brown color stools. Also, the texture should be such that it’s firm enough for you to pick up but still slightly soft. 

However, if the cat is under continuous stress, it might lead to blood secretion in the cat's stool. 

Stress can be caused to the cat if she does not feel safe and secure in her surroundings. She could also be disturbed if she moved to a new place. 

Blood secretion is a serious issue and should be dealt with the utmost care. You should immediately seek Veterinarian help if you notice this. 

7. The Cat Is Vocalizing

A cat's vocals are highly individualistic, and the most imperative thing is to find out what's normal for your cat. 

If your cat starts to make unusual sounds or makes odd noises, you should observe around to learn about the change in the cat's environment. 

If these vocals continue to persist, you should consider showing your cat to a Veterinarian. 

8. Your Cat Engages in Head Bunting 

Cats have a scent gland on their heads. Whenever a cat bumps her head into a person, they have accepted you as a part of their colony. This is a sign of affection. 

9. Your Cat Kneads

If your cat is kneading on you, it means that the cat feels safe, loved, and secure with you. 

This shows that the cat gets overwhelmed with the oxytocin rush, indicating the cat's health and happiness. 

Final Thoughts

Therefore, if your cat represents the signs mentioned above, you mostly have nothing to worry about!

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