Quick Cooking - 5 Time-Saving Kitchen Tips For Busy People

Cooking can be fun when you’re preparing something delicious for people you love, and you have the time and the resources to be creative. However, when you’re dealing with a fast-paced lifestyle, having to prepare meals can drain that last bit of energy you had left. Rather than reaching for convenience foods and take-out, consider these time-saving kitchen tips designed for busy people: 

Quick Cooking - 5 Time-Saving Kitchen Tips For Busy People
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1. Try Induction Cookware

The best induction frypans heat up super fast. Unlike traditional gas or electric stoves, an induction stove can bring a pot of water to boil within seconds. If you’re frying something up quickly, an induction frying pan will save time. Other induction cookware, like pots, also help speed up your cooking time, making it fast and easy to boil pasta, rice, potatoes, or even frozen peas. Induction cookware is also safer as the stove immediately cools when the pot is removed, so there’s no risk of fires. 

2. Clean Up As You Cook

One of the first lessons taught at chef school is to clean up as you cook. In fact, this rule is so beneficial that even the top Michelin Star chefs follow it. 

Keep your work area clean and tidy at all times. Keep a container on hand for vegetable scraps so that you don’t have to walk up and down to the garbage can. Keep a rag on hand to wipe up any spills. Put items back into the refrigerator as soon as you have finished using them. 

By the time the meal is prepared, all you will have to do in terms of tidying is to wash the dishes once the meal has been eaten. The clean-as-you-go method saves time, improves hygiene, and makes your home a pleasure to be in. 

3. Organize Your Pantry

Nothing wastes time like pulling apart a pantry, hunting for that one obscure herb you know will add life to a meal. Nothing wastes time like spilling a packet of something across the pantry when you simply want to prepare a meal. Chaos creates confusion. Order saves time.  

Pinterest is full of images of neatly organized pantry cupboards, but you don’t need it to be Pinterest-perfect. You simply need to keep all of your grains neatly stored in containers and ensure those containers are clearly marked. 

4. Keep Your Utensils Handy

Cooking utensils should always be close at hand, ensuring you will always find what you need, even when you’re in a hurry. Rather than keeping ladles and wooden spoons in the drawer, place a decorative pot or a utensil stand next to the stove. The more disciplined you are about returning them to where they belong, the better your levels of efficiency will be while you are preparing food. 

5. Meal Prep Only Your Main Ingredients

Meal prepping has become one of the biggest buzzwords, and it truly does revolutionize healthy living for busy people. However, instead of prepping the whole meal, consider only preparing the key ingredients. 

For example, if you boil a large pot of potatoes during the week, you can decide whether you want to roast some of the pre-boiled potatoes, create a delicious potato salad, or whip up a super fast potato bake. Meal prepping core ingredients will enable you to have flexibility in choosing what you want to eat, but with the time-consuming aspect (like boiling and cooking) out of the way. 

Enjoy Your Time In The Kitchen

When you feel less pressed for time, it’s easier to be creative in the kitchen. If you prepare your workspace, ingredients, and tools, kitchen duties should become fast, easy, and perhaps even fun.

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