Review: ZI Tasty Treats Yong Tau Foo Ibu @ Lotus Selayang Food Court

Hey! Do you like Yong Tau Foo? You know, I can have Yong Tau Foo any time of the day, if you love it too; then you should try this ZI Tasty Treats Yong Tau Foo Ibu at Lotus Selayang Food Court. They have more than 30 items on the shelf and price also affordable starting from RM0.50 onwards. 

ZI Tasty Treats Yong Tau Foo Ibu @ Lotus Selayang Food Court 

What is so special about ZI Tasty Treats Yong Tau Foo Ibu? Well, I personally like their sauces especially the chilli sauce and garlic chilli oil, really pedas. The sweet sauce also taste great, not too sweet but full of flavours. 

ZI Tasty Treats Yong Tau Foo Ibu @ Lotus Selayang Food Court 

According to Puan Zaimah Ismail, the owner of ZI Tasty Treats Yong Tau Foo Ibu all the sauces are homemade. Besides the regular sweet and spicy sauce for the Yong Tau Foo. You can also opt for the soup or fried Yong Tau Foo. If you like clear soup, you should try their soup Yong Tau Foo too, their soup stock is boil for many hours using ikan bilis. 

Puan Zaimah owner of ZI Tasty Treats Yong Tau Foo Ibu @ Lotus Selayang Food Court 

Puan Zaimah herself loves Yong Tau Foo and always serve this dish during her Raya Open House. Before renting a stall in Tesco, she started her Yong Tau Foo business from home by selling and delivery Yong Tau Foo lunch box around her neighbourhood, offices, and family set during weekends. She also cater talam set for family events such as kenduri, birthday parties, or any family makan-makan occasion.

Yong Tau Foo Talam Set @ RM40 

There are 30 varieties of Yong Tau Foo on the shelf price range from RM0.50 per piece to RM4 per piece. Besides Yong Tau Foo, they also have varieties such as sotong kangkung, tauhu bakar which is suitable for vegetarian, Yong Tau Foo biasa. 

We ordered the Talam Set for 8-10pax which is perfect for gathering, iftar at home, family, or small party. We also tried their Sotong Kangkung which is one of my favourites, Tauhu Bakar, and Chee Cheong Fun. Sedap giller! 

Talam Set @ RM40 for 8-10 pax

Chee Cheong Fun @ RM5.90/set

Sotong Kangkong @ RM7.90/set

Tauhu Bakar @ RM5.50/set

Besides dine-in and takeaway, ZI Tasty Treats Yong Tau Foo Ibu also have delivery service. For this coming Ramadhan, they have special offer such as   ‘Iftar Talam Set’ and ‘Moreh Box’.  

Sotong Kangkong @ RM7.90 / set

Tauhu Bakar @ RM5.50 / set

Chee Cheong Fun

Iftar talam set is meant to be served during iftar.  Usually people eat rice during iftar and there is a side dish. Instead of the usual side dish like roti jala, murtabak, roti john, ZI Tasty Treats introduce their Yong Tau Foo as a side dish. 
1 set of Iftar Talam Set is RM40 and can be eaten by 8 to 10 people.   

Moreh Box RM5 / box

Moreh is snacking that is usually done after the teraweh prayer.  Moreh set is for one person, one moreh box only costs RM5. ZI Tasty Treats is open for volume orders from surau and masjid, as well as individuals who want to sponsor Iftar or Moreh as sumbangan or sedekah.

ZI Tasty Treats Yong Tau Foo Ibu @ Lotus Selayang Food Court Menu & Price List

Minimum order qty for Iftar Talam Set is 1 while for Moreh Box is 20 boxes.  Delivery charges apply. Orders must be submitted by 12 noon for same day delivery and by 7 pm for next day delivery. You can order via whatsapp at 012-6556199. 

ZI Tasty Treats Yong Tau Foo Ibu @ Lotus Selayang Food Court 

ZI Tasty Treats Yong Tau Foo Ibu
Location: Lotus Selayang Food Court, No. 1081, Jalan Ipoh, Mukim, 51200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 
Operating Hours: Every day 10am to 10pm 
To Order: Whatsapp or Call 012-655 6199 (Puan Zaimah)

ZI Tasty Treats Yong Tau Foo Ibu Takeaway and Delivery

For more information about ZI Tasty Treats Yong Tau Foo Ibu @ Lotus Selayang Food Court, please visit @zi_tsty_treats on Instagram 


  1. Macam macam yong taufu ada dekat sini. I suka makan yong taufu. Menarik set talam tu, harag pun berpatutan

  2. Kita selalu shopping kat Lotus Selayang. Lain kali boleh laaa singgah makan sini, nampak menarik young tau foo tuuu... Dah lama pun tak makan

  3. nampak macam sedap sangat, will go here someday. Really like Yong Taufu.

  4. Sedapnya tengok leng lui makan Yong Tau Fu. Nampak best betul. I am a YTF lover juga especially Chee Cheong Fun and Tauhu Bakar tu. Perghhhh, sedap gila! Nanti balik Selangor I wanna singgah Lotus Selayang lah. Boleh try out kan?

  5. This is my favourite bah, I gonna go there and enjoy this Yong Tau Foo set la.. kinda affordable too ya... Can go this weekend la..

  6. Wah bestnya. Ruby suka yong tau fu. selalu cari kat pasar malam before COVID-19. Kalau cari sekarang pun takda dah uncle tu berniaga. boleh la cari di foodcourt ni. tq share!

  7. Sedap tu yong taufu l pun suka, dah lama tak mkn yong taufu


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