7 Tips For An Amazing Clothing Outlet Experience

Outlet shopping can be an exciting experience. You’ll enjoy seeing an ocean of clothes and shoes of different designs for the lowest prices. As you walk around, the options will seem endless, and you’ll want to buy more! 

7 Tips For An Amazing Clothing Outlet Experience 

In contrast, outlet shopping can also be a hassle if you’re not prepared. It can be too crowded some days, especially during holidays and weekends. However, the items you’ll score on your wish list will make it worth the time and effort. 

Here are seven tips for an amazing and hassle-free clothing outlet experience: 

1. Decide Where To Shop 

To start with, pick an outlet. You can select a brand-specific clothing outlet or one that offers some of the most popular brands. 

Deciding where to shop also helps you determine how far you’ll drive, as well as the traffic conditions based on predictions. This way, you can avoid heavy traffic to quicken your journey. 

Moreover, knowing where to shop gives you an idea of what to expect while shopping. You’ll see the release schedule of new items, big sales, and their peak shopping hours. 

If going out is too inconvenient for your schedule, you may consider shopping online. It’s a practical option since there’s no need for a long drive and long queues at the counter. You may visit thedom.com and other online clothing outlets offering discounts all year round. 

2. List Down The Items To Look For 

When everything is on sale, it’s easy to grab items that catch your fancy. Having a wish list makes shopping easier and faster. 

Aside from ease of bargain hunting, preparing a list helps you maximize your budget. It keeps you from adding unnecessary items to your cart and leaving the store forgetting one item you’re supposed to buy. 

To organize your list, you may arrange the products according to their importance. For example, if your main priority is summer dresses and tops, put them on top of the checklist. Then, you can add other types of clothing or shoes. 

3. Research The Retail Prices Beforehand 

Researching the retail prices before outlet shopping gives you a general idea of how much you’ll save. You’ll also determine if setting a schedule for an outlet haul will be a wiser choice than buying in retail stores at a more convenient time and location. 

Outlets are discount stores where products come straight from the manufacturers, and such items are sold for a fraction of the retail costs. However, they may also sell slightly damaged items at the lowest prices. This is why you need to check the small details, like the seams, buttons, zippers, as well as stains before buying any piece. 

4. Shop During The Weekdays 

Clothing outlets are packed almost every day due to an all-year sale. If you want to skip the long queues at the counter, it’s best to shop during the weekdays. 

During weekdays, most people are at work. You can expect fewer shoppers, especially on Mondays through Thursdays, unless it’s the holiday season. It’s also best to check out the outlet’s peak hours, if it’s available online. 

Another practical hack is shopping very early or late. Whether you choose to shop during weekdays or weekends, the best time to come in is their opening or at least a couple of hours before closing. 

5. Wear Comfy Clothes 

Outlet shopping is a physical activity. Sometimes, you’ll need to go through piles of clothes to score the best deals. Wearing a set of comfy clothes helps keep you from irritation and exhaustion during the shopping haul. 

Outlets are large warehouses full of all types of clothing you can think of. You can buy pieces for spring, summer, autumn, and winter the whole year. You’ll be doing long walks, paired with arm movements, so it’d be best to be in your comfiest outfit. 

6. Start With The Clearance Sections 

Like malls, outlets display their best pieces in mannequins at the front. However, these items aren’t as discounted as those you can find in clearance sections. 

Clearance items are commonly found at the back of the store. If you want the lowest prices and you’ve got more time, digging through these pieces can help you score the best deals. Plus, buying the most affordable clothes means you can have more to check out. 

One tip in buying clothes from the clearance sale is thoroughly checking their condition. Doing some inspection saves you from accidentally getting items with defects.  

7. Sign-Up For Memberships 

Some outlets offer membership cards with additional perks. Signing up is one of the best ways to get extra discounts on your next purchase. 

However, the benefits you’ll get depend on the outlet’s rules and regulations. If the membership can help you earn points, as well as more discount vouchers and gift cards, you may want to consider it. Plus, it’ll be a smart move if you’re a seasoned shopper. 


Having a fantastic outlet experience is possible by being a wise shopper. Next time you go out for a haul, take note of these tips to make shopping more fun and exciting.

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