6 Things You Should Do Before and After Your Vacation

Hey! Planning for your next vacation? Well before you start planning perhaps you might want to check out 6 Things You Should Do Before and After Your Vacation. These are simple things but sometimes you forgot or overlook that might cause inconveniences or even money. Let’s check it out.

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6 Things You Should Do Before and After Your Vacation

Well, there are many travel tips and sometimes each country or continent has different tips. If you would like to have peace-of-mind when you are on vacation, then the first and ultimate thing to do is do your planning and research.  Looking at user generated travel itineraries is a good place to start because these are trips that have already had success.

Planning, Research, Booking
It’s the first step and most important step. Before your trip or Exploring this Rock please do your research about the interesting places to visit, hotels, food and restaurants, things to do, transportations, souvenirs, and etc. Make price comparisons, and check if there are coupons and discount codes you can use to book your activities or trip at a better deal to book a hassle-free taxi service in Kannur

I’ve come across some promo codes and coupons sites that help me to save money and time while getting the same as the full price. Make sure you change enough currency for your trip and rent a reliable car in Kannur. If you plan to use a credit card just bring 1 or 2 that required only. Avoid bringing a bunch of cards that can’t be used overseas.

As usual, before our trip, you need to check the weather and pack accordingly. If you are going for an adventure trip do check out the gears that require for the activities. If you plan to visit temples, churches, mosques, and other holy places do check out the dress code. 

Bring only essentials, necessary gadgets, adapters, and don’t bring valuables with you. If you do bring valuables, always travel with them in your carry-on, and keep them locked up in the hotel safe.

I’m sure most of the planning, booking, research, and packing parts are making you stress-out even before your trip. That’s normal, it happens to me as well especially I have to work and at the same time do all these things. 

To keep myself energize and hype, I always ensure that I allocate time for my workout because it helps to destress and keep myself fit before, during, and after my trip. You can click here today to check out some fitness tips.

Besides that, you might need to check with your doctor if you need a vaccination or prescription before the trip. This is extremely important because you don’t want to fall sick when you are abroad or after your trip. 

If you’re traveling to a country where the disease is rampant, consult a travel medicine professional. Pack more than enough medicine to last your trip, as it may be difficult to get your prescription filled abroad.

Well after returning from your vacation you need to adjust your body, mind, and schedule back.

Prepare a checklist or to-do-list and prioritize what needs to be done or some old tasks that you didn't finish before you went on vacation. This will help you to be on track faster and more organized. Besides, scheduling the tasks that need to follow-up after your vacation, you might need to turn off your cell phone international roaming. 

Give Yourself Sometime Before Go To Work
If possible allow yourself sometime to adjust before heading to work. Try not to go to work right after you return, for example, you arrive on Sunday late night after a long flight and head straight to work on Monday morning.

Check your bank and credit card statement
This is a must to check the total amount of money spent, any double charges, missing refund credits or spending that you didn’t authorize. Report any issues to your bank or credit card company immediately.

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