Experience The Gift of Lift with Aptos

Hey, what's your skin concerns? As age is catching up, the majority of my skin concerns are about my aging skin such as sagging, wrinkles, dehydration, and pigmentations. I found that my cheeks are losing its firmness and tissue volume plus the skin around my jawline is starting to sag. I decided to go to Ageless Medispa Dr. Alice Clinic in Bangsar for my skin consultation and was introduced to Aptos Thread Lift Treatment. Continue to read to find out what are the benefits, methods, and my personal review of this treatment.

Experience The Gift of Lift 

As usual before any treatment, I will do my own research for my personal assurance and also understand more about the procedure. Aptos Thread Lift is a safe, minimally invasive procedure using specially designed, ultra-thin threads that improve the appearance and structure of the skin by elevating various parts of the face and body without having to make incisions. These threads also improve skin tone, texture, colour and hydration.

Watch Experience The Gift of Lift by Aptos understand about the treatment

I felt comfortable when Dr Alice Prethima Michael with over 30 years of experience in Family Medicine and with expertise in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (OBGYN), and Cosmetics and Medical Aesthetics personally attended and did the treatment for me. Aptos Thread Lift is a solution for people like me who prefer minimally invasive procedures, or do not want long post-procedure downtimes.

With Dr Alice before my treatment

Aptos Thread Lift Can Treat
• Neckline & neck tightening
• Face contouring - jawline jowls & submental areas
• Ptosis (aging) of face - eyebrows, upper & lower face
• Mild to moderate signs of ptosis (ageing) of the skin such as loss of tissue volume, sagging eyebrows, a relaxed / sagging mid-facial appearance, prominence of the jaw, patients with some relapse from a previous procedure (e.g. a facelift), facial asymmetry and skin dehydration.

Local infiltration anaesthesia

The treatment procedures involved a few steps, pre-treatment, during treatment and aftercare. Before the treatment, local infiltration anaesthesia was performed on the treatment areas. During the injection of the anaesthetic solution, there was some discomfort and sensation but it is gone within a few seconds.

Medical marking by Dr Alice Prethima before the treatment

Dr Alice examined the correction zones and conducted medical marking to determine the exact location and fixation points of the threads. For me, there were 5 threads on each side. In the beginning of thread lift treatment, I felt a bit of sensation or moderate pain then after a few minutes there were no more pain because its numbed.

During Aptos Thread Lift Treatment

The treatment is about 20 minutes minus the local infiltration anaesthesia

The actual treatment is about 20 minutes minus the local infiltration anaesthesia. I experience some pain and sensation but it's tolerable. Immediately after my treatment, there was some swelling on my cheeks but no obvious bruise marks or redness. I felt a bit of skin tightening and it was hard to smile or open my mouth wide after 3 to 4 days it subsided and back to normal.

Immediately After The Treatment

The next day, I was able to go out for events like usual; the swelling was still there but gradually subsided. I’m glad that I don’t encounter any bruises, inflammation or allergies after the treatment. I will consider my recovery period quite fast within a week and fuss free. Plus I followed the aftercare dos and donts.

Before The Treatment

1 Month After The Treatment

Overall, there are improvements on my skin firmness and the wrinkles are less visible after 1 month. The nasolabial lines are less deep and also shorter compared to before. Well, I can see that my whole face is lifted in a very natural way and my skin becoming smoother. Thanks Dr Alice Prethima and Aptos for this transformation.

3rd Generation Aptos Visage Thread with Hyaluronic Acid, P(LA/CL) HA

For this treatment, I’m using the 3rd Generation Aptos Visage Thread with Hyaluronic Acid, P(LA/CL) HA thread is an improved formulation which ensures an additional benefit for the skin - the stimulation of collagen production. A significant improvement to the skin’s elasticity and texture is visible right after thread implantation.

The goal is to not only lift sagging skin, but also provide a regenerative process that leads to the production of a patient's own collagen, rejuvenating the skin. The threads have a skin supporting, tightening and brightening function. With only one procedure, the Aptos Thread Lift produces multiple results - lifting, revitalizing, and volumizing.

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