Keep Your Cool In The Kitchen This Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and with it, the inevitable question of how to stay cool in a sweltering kitchen. You don’t need to change your whole lifestyle during the hotter months - barbecuing every day is not the answer to how to cook and still stay cool in the kitchen! Read on to see the multiple ways you can stay cool without abandoning ship this summer.

Summer Food, Kitchen, Food, summer
Keep Your Cool In The Kitchen This Summer 

Create icy drinks and food

Gone are the days of filling up a cup with ice - we no longer want our drinks watered down at the expense of being cold. There are now plenty of gadgets that can make a refreshing icy beverage, perfect for children and adults alike.

Kids will love the multicolored and various flavors produced from slushie machines. These come in all sorts of shapes and colors. You can get tabletop versions, non-electric personal use ones, and ones that can make huge batches, perfect for parties. Slushie machines that reach even lower temperatures are great for adults - create the perfect frozen margarita and other frozen cocktails for the perfect addition to any summer party.

Keep it simple with a snow cone maker. These are compact, retro-looking, and super cute on any counter. You’ll love experimenting with different flavors and colors finding the perfect snow cone.

Everyone loves a snow cone!

Summer Food, Kitchen, Food, summer
Everyone loves a snow cone!

If you plan ahead, then you’ll be able to make your own frozen yoghurt or ice cream. Use a machine that can make both to save space in your cupboard and be more versatile during the summer. Create tried and true flavors or go wild creating your own. You’re only limited by your imagination.

Turn down the heat

Use your oven less during the summer. Instead of using it to make dinner, switch to using your slow cooker instead. This won’t heat up your kitchen as much as oven cooking will and the end results will be soft and delicious.

You don’t need to be tied to the BBQ this summer

Summer Food, Kitchen, Food, summer
BBQ this summer

If you can’t avoid using the oven, try to cook in the early mornings or evening to prevent the kitchen getting unbearably hot. Remember to cook big batches at once, so you won’t need to keep cooking the same thing every day. Cooking a nice big chicken at the beginning of the week means you’ll have plenty of cold cuts for lunches the next day, too.

As well as the slow cooker, you’ll want to get your other gadgets out of the cupboard, especially those nifty appliances that can do multiple things in one. Table top electric grills and toaster ovens are must-haves in the heat. Electric baking appliances will allow you to have cupcakes and brownies without using the oven.

Alternatively, be inventive with meals that don’t require cooking at all, like salads and dips.

Keep the air cool

Buying an air conditioning unit may be the most obvious answer to staying cool in the kitchen, but there are plenty of DIY options using your trusty fan. A fan by itself might feel great when it’s blowing directly onto your skin, but it won’t actually make the air any cooler. Fans will circulate the warm air already in the room. So you’ll need to place bottles of frozen water or a bowl of ice in front of your fan to push colder air into your kitchen. Keep the fan in one place to get the full effect and to really push that cold air into your home. As it gets cooler outside during the evening, place your fan by an open door or window to get some of that gloriously cooler air moved inside the house.

Don’t forget to turn on the exhaust fan above the oven when cooking. This is an effective way to cool down the room quickly that’s already built into your kitchen.

Cover up your windows

It might have a beautiful view of outside, but you’re going to want to cover up your windows in the summer. Choose a nice blind that stops the sun from glaring in. This simple change can make the temperature drop by 10 degrees. If you haven’t got blinds or curtains, you can put up some fabric instead. Why not put some potted plants by your window to help block out the sun too? Choose ones that love the sun and are easy to maintain, and they’ll be blocking the rays from getting inside in no time.

It’s never too early to start getting ready for the summer. Follow the steps above and you’ll be able to enjoy your time in the kitchen when the heat is turned up. Always remember to stay hydrated, and enjoy your time creating new icy drinks and delicacies in your cool kitchen.

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