Why Having Aquariums Is Much More Advantageous Than You Think

Everybody has always experienced that tranquility and relaxation when we see the fish swimming in an aquarium, away from the chaos and noise in the cities. Here are the benefits that aquariums bring to people of all ages.

Why Having Aquariums Is Much More Advantageous Than You Think
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Benefits in Workplaces

1. Generates relaxation and reduces stress; stimulates and increases productivity and satisfaction of employees or visitors

2. In children, it's scientifically proven that those who maintain aquariums are more responsible and have a greater capacity for understanding and analysis.

3. Calms children suffering from hyperactivity and behavioral disorders

4. Lowers anxiety and helps children in their emotional development

5. Encourages people to have habits and responsibilities with meal and care schedules

6. It improves sleep, and feng shui considers it a powerful and stimulating antidepressant, especially in the tasks of well-being and care

7. Notable reductions in blood pressure and heart rate

8. Spending time in "natural" environments has been shown to provide calming effects on people and improves mood.

More Proven Benefits

10. Help and calm children who suffer from hyperactivity and other behavioral disorders, such as difficulty in socializing, excessive aggressiveness, poor school performance, or poor self-confidence

11. The elderly people are a group being encouraged to have the company of animals. With animals, they have to take a position of responsibility with them. Because of this, an aquarium changes the routines in nursing homes. Also, remembering fish schedules and needs is a good exercise for memory and concentration.

12. Effects of aquariums on Alzheimer's disease
Studies have shown that seniors who have this disease denote a variety of health benefits simply by observing an aquarium. They experience an increased appetite and require fewer supplements after placing it in the dining room. They also show less aggressive behaviors characteristic of this medical condition.

13. Various studies indicate that those who enjoy an aquarium at home have their blood pressure below the values of those who don't have an aquarium.

14. It has been shown that closely watching an aquarium, the rhythmic and rhythmic movements of the fish, the swaying of the plants with the water in motion, the soft sound of the water waves or the air bubbles relax and reassure people.

In many medical offices, especially in dentistry, and after relying on several medical studies, aquariums have been introduced:

The parsimonious swimming of the fish relaxes to the point of resembling the exertion of an authentic anesthetic effect, acting as a kind of background music, producing less anxiety and pain to the patients.

Fish remind us of water. These little animals are associated with nature.

The bright colors of the fish are an excellent anti-stressor, neutralize aggressiveness, and convey good humor. They reduce the stress of daily life and help fight insomnia.

The therapies involving aquariums have been very effective. Seeing the fish "floating" generally centers and keeps all the attention of the patients in them, which can make them forget their situation or their ailment for a while, helping them to divert their attention to something else.

What Should an Aquarium Have?

Given that in the markets, buyers find a host of different aquarium models, they have to make a kind of summary to check which are the best aquariums. Obviously, each person has different tastes when comes to enjoy an aquarium and will end up opting for one or the other. However, here, owners are going to make a buying and comparative guide between models in a more objective way. They will be based on essential aspects such as quality, materials, size, the features offered, and comments from other users who have already acquired the models.

The first thing is to know what an aquarium needs to be good. This way, help will be given in a guide to the buyers when they make the model descriptions.

Resistance and Capacity

Although aquariums look like durable items, they are still disposable items. Over time and use, they deteriorate and must be replaced. Therefore, the resistance or lifespan of an aquarium is a crucial aspect to consider. The durability of the product can be evaluated through the quality of the materials of which it's composed. The more firm and durable these materials are, the more useful life the aquarium will have.

In this case, the best aquarium materials are those that are made of glass, acrylic materials, or resistant plastic. Good-quality materials are usually easy to be cleaned. Try to clean the aquarium first before purchasing it. If done with relative ease, the material is of good quality. The best place to find a good-quality aquarium, with any size, for any place is Titan Aquatic Exhibits.

Capacity is another important aspect. This is delimited by the species of fish that owners are going to take care of and the number of individuals. Each species needs a different volume of water to be in a completely good health condition. Therefore, owners must first know what conditions the fish needs and the number of fish buyers that are going to host each of them. Keep in mind that not being a bigger aquarium has to be more expensive. The price is more conditioned by the quality of the material from which it's manufactured rather than the size.


As mentioned at the beginning, the aquarium not only has to cover the needs of the fish, but also be part of the home decoration. Sometimes, the colors of the fish, together with the aquarium and the colors of the home decoration, make a perfect combination. This has to be planned well from the beginning to get everything ready. To see some fantastic decorations, check out Titan Aquatic Exhibits’ work.

Traditional aquarium models aren't the only ones most popular in the markets. Those that are like transparent parallel-piped are common. However, other designs will give the owner personality and an environment they can enjoy.

Many of the user ratings in the markets are based on the quality of the ornamental value. If the aquarium makes good decorative combinations first, the owner can save later on other decorative elements. For example, live aquarium plants are essential if fish require it. If this isn't the case, they will only be part of the decoration. Although the decorative elements aren't expensive, it's cumbersome and complicated to incorporate them into the aquarium. Therefore, the minimalist design is better.

Why Is Oxygen Vital?

Fish and various populations of microorganisms depend on oxygen for survival.

In pond and aquarium water, beneficial aerobic bacteria need oxygen to survive, while anaerobic bacteria can live without oxygen and cause water deterioration and mud rot with the resulting stink.

Thus, it can be affirmed that with insufficient oxygen, the water quality deteriorates, while with abundant oxygen, the pond and aquarium will overflow life.

Therefore, the water in the pond and aquarium must have enough oxygen for aerobic bacteria to carry out their task of converting ammonium to nitrite, and subsequently nitrite to nitrate. With oxygen insufficiency, anaerobic bacteria will prevail with the negative consequences described above. Help can always be found in sites like this. It's better to have a professional who can help when needed, especially in areas the buyers don't know much about.

In Resume

It has been shown that in childhood, the observation and care of fish help against hyperactivity, behavioral disorders, difficulty socializing, aggressiveness, school failure, and lack of confidence. If you have children at home, it's best to start with small aquariums and easy-to-treat fish such as goldfish or Chinese neon.

· At the other extreme, it has been proven that for those working in nursing homes, having an aquarium improves their day to day and their routine, and increases their sense of responsibility, which makes them feel useful. It helps them remember the schedules and customs of cleaning. Also, feeding the fish benefits their memory and concentration capabilities.

· Studies with Alzheimer's patients have resulted in the simple observation that having an aquarium increases their appetite. Their caregivers don't have to use nutritional supplements. It also reduces aggressive behaviors which, unfortunately, can occur.

· Having an aquarium nearby regulates blood pressure, relaxes us, and takes away the tensions that day to day causes us. Of course, not all fish move in a calm and leisurely way, like piranhas, so owners should look for some specimens that live slow normally, like tetra or guppies.

· The movement, the noise of the water, and the air bubbles of the diffusers cause feelings of calm and relaxation, so it's common to see an aquarium in the dentists' offices, for example. Studies also say that it even calms one's anxiety and pain after a visit to the dreaded doctor.

· As for babies, it's good to exercise their vision with the movement and colors of the animals.

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