The Three Essential P’s Of Your 2020 Wardrobe

Fashion is ever-changing. One moment, you might be up-to-date with all the latest trends in clothing, and the next moment, you might be surprised that the trends have already changed. It can be challenging to stay updated all the time, but with the help of the Internet today, the task is much easier to do.

Shopping for clothes has never been easier, especially through an online fashion store. Nowadays, you can not only conveniently shop for clothes through your phone but also stay on trend by continually checking out the latest offerings. 2020 is the year of big and bold colours and designs--the perfect time for you to make your statement!

To kickstart your year, you need the three essential P’s in your wardrobe--the three biggest fashion trends of 2020. While trends may come and go, these three P’s are here to stay and sure to get you compliments or head-turns in your next outing.

Puffy Sleeves

This particular trend may come as no surprise as you may have already noticed the influx of puffy sleeves in an online fashion store, social media OOTDs, out in the street when you were walking, and practically everywhere. Whether you’re looking for a casual or slightly more formal look, puffy-sleeved tops are incredibly versatile and can cater to different looks depending on the occasion.

There are many ways you can incorporate puffy sleeves into your outfit. Dress up with a chic sheer puffy-sleeved black dress for your next night out, or pair a puffy-sleeved top with a cute leather mini skirt, since leather is also trending in 2020. If you prefer something more casual, you can also match your top with a pair of jeans and still give off that feminine and dainty vibe.

Polka Dots

This year, polka dots are in and here to stay! Even after several years and trends, polka dots continue to remain relevant in the fashion industry. The classic print is the perfect choice for you if you want a tinge of print in your outfit to add some personality without overdoing it. When you thought polka dots could not look any different, 2020 is about to bring in some elevated designs for your wardrobe.

Pair a polka dot wrap dress or graphic dress with your favourite sandals to your next spring wedding or party, and you are sure to turn heads. Despite the subtlety of the print, you are still able to make a statement and give off a fun vibe while doing so.


Pleats are incredibly versatile and can add subtle character to your everyday outfits. Though pleats were significantly popular in the latter part of 2019, they continue to be a craze in the current fashion season. Pleated dresses and skirts, in particular, are prevalent because they give off a sense of regality to the wearer.

Pleats can go with practically any other clothing piece and can change the way you look, depending on how you mix and match your clothes. A frilly and pleated long-sleeved top, for instance, may look sweet and feminine, but when you pair it with leather pants, you achieve a more chic look. 

Pleated dresses are also perfect for formal occasions where you do not want to overdress yourself but still want some flair to your outfit. Clothing made with plissé, in particular, is so fashionable today as it is “expensive-looking” and can turn your seemingly plain dress into something elegant and luxurious.

Author: Kevin Adams 

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