Letting a Dentist Fix It: 5 Problems Associated With Having an Underbite

An underbite is a common condition that affects one in twenty people, according to the American Dental Association. Underbites not only make a person's smile look less attractive, but they can also cause other problems. As such, if you need dental care, visit the Dentist in rancho Santa Margarita to explore your treatment options. It is imperative individuals are aware of the top five issues associated with an underbite, so they will know why they need to seek dental care right away.

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Letting a Dentist Fix It: 5 Problems Associated With Having an Underbite

Underbites Change the Look of a Person's Profile

Having an underbite can dramatically change the appearance of a person's profile, making their chin appear weaker and underdeveloped. When the lower jaw is out of proper alignment, it can cause the facial features of a person to become altered.

Dentists treat this dental issue regularly. Thankfully, there are now more treatment options than ever before for correcting jaw alignment issues in people of all ages.

5 Problems Associated with Underbites

Although underbites are sometimes viewed as cosmetic problems, they are much more. Underbites can lead to functional issues and should always be corrected by a dentist. The following offers insight into the top five problems that can occur because of underbites.

1. Underbites can lead to jaw pain because the jaws are not properly aligned. This misalignment places undue pressure on the jaws, leading to painful symptoms.

2. Those with underbites often have difficulty being able to bite into food. Biting into a sandwich can prove difficult and even impossible when an underbite is present.

3. Headaches are frequent in people with underbites. Headaches are thought to be a product of too much pressure placed on the teeth and jaws because the bite is not aligned.

4. It is common for some teeth to wear down very quickly in those with underbite problems. Uneven wearing can become a severe problem and should not be ignored.

5. Another problem associated with an underbite is difficulty keeping the teeth clean. Because of the misalignment of the jaw, it can be more difficult for individuals to be able to brush and floss all the surfaces of their teeth.

Seeing a Dentist Is Essential

There are now more treatment options for jaw alignment issues than ever before. There are both surgical and non-surgical treatments, and it is essential individuals are aware of their choices.

Seeing the dentist is one of the most important first steps in addressing an underbite. With a full examination and imaging, the dentist can determine the degree of misalignment and decide on a plan of care to address the problem.

Alignment treatments can begin at any age but are most effective after the jaw has stopped growing. Orthodontics is usually the first line of treatment, but some people end up also needing surgical intervention to ensure their jaw alignment issues are corrected.

Dealing with an overbite can be embarrassing and even painful. When the bottom jaw juts out further than the upper, this can cause a range of problems, including the above.

It takes a concerted effort to ensure the jaws are brought back into their ideal alignment. With treatments offered by the dentist, individuals can rest assured their alignment issues will be appropriately corrected so they can eat normally and regain confidence in their appearance.

Those who are suffering from an overbite need to see the dentist right away to learn about their treatment options. With treatment, this condition can be reversed entirely.

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