EOS Footwear: 4 Favourites for 2020

As every woman knows, EOS is synonymous with quality. Everything about EOS footwear is desirable - from the extremely high level of craftsmanship that goes into the creation of every handmade pair, to the overall styling that perfectly embodies the style of the modern-day practical woman.

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EOS Footwear: 4 Favourites for 2020

EOS shoes are found in wardrobes all over the country, and for good reason. If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to invest in a pair for yourself. 

Strut your way through 2020 in style. Here are four pairs of EOS shoes that are perfect for every season and reason.

1. Summer Sandals: Larna Sandals

Is there anything more annoying than the feeling of sweaty feet slipping around inside your shoes? Many women know this struggle all too well, but understandably don’t want to sacrifice style for sweat-free feet. Thankfully there is a solution to this problem: EOS sandals.

EOS’ Larna sandals are handmade from Nappa leather, understated in design and a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe this year. A high-grip outsole ensures that not only is every step you take a stylish one but a secure one too. The classic strap keeps these babies firmly attached to your feet. 

Larna sandals are perfect for hot weather and the days of slipping & sliding around in your shoes are over for good. Plus, who doesn’t love an opportunity or excuse to show their fresh pedicure off to the world?  

Excluding the Graphite design option as pictured below, these gorgeously minimalistic EOS sandals are available in an assortment of colours:
  • Brandy
  • Orange and tan
  • Yellow and brandy
  • Orange and brandy
  • White
  • Red and black
  • Blood orange
  • Champagne white
  • Beige
  • Black and taupe
  • White and taupe 
Summer Sandals: Larna Sandals

2. Functional Flats: EMA Pumps

Are you looking for a pair of shoes that can be worn cross-seasonally? Well, these pump shoes provide just that. The breathable design of these shoes means that they can be worn in the summer months as well as the winter ones. Leather is incredible that way.

On top of being trans-seasonal, these EOS shoes are fit for different occasions. Their versatile design means they can be worn in a variety of circumstances from that all-important corporate meeting to dinner with the girls. No occasion is too formal nor casual to rock these bad boys.

These pumps are made from the finest quality Italian leather and feature a V-throat design & contemporary slingback style. The inside of the EMA’s is made with soft, supple leather while the exterior is made from durable resin.

The EMA’s are available in three different colours to satisfy every preference: black, brandy and mulberry.  

3. Adorable Ankle Boots: Papal Leather Wedge Boots

These EOS Papal Leather Wedge Boots are for those of you who place as much focus on comfort as you do on style. As the weather cools down during the winter months of 2020, your level of style will only get hotter.

Like all EOS shoes, these wedge boots are made from the highest quality leather. A thick sole ensures your feet are always toasty warm and properly cared for while not compromising on style.

Wearing wedge heels comes with many advantages. These EOS shoes provide comfort, warmth and the wedge heel will elongate your legs—making you look taller as well as slimmer.

If you’re looking for a pair of wedge boots that will quietly complement any outfit, opt for the plain black leather version. But if turning heads is the order of the day, you can’t go wrong with the tan and ocelot option pictured below. 

Adorable Ankle Boots: Papal Leather Wedge Boots

4. Stylish Sneakers: GRAB Leather Sneakers

It has been fun watching sneakers evolve from a pair of shoes that are used to perform sports into an essential fashion staple that no wardrobe or runway show is complete without. There’s no denying the evolution of the simple sneaker. EOS’ GRAB sneakers are the perfect example of just how fashionable sneakers can be.

Soft leather adorns the inside of these sneakers while the outside has been constructed with a combination of leather and suede. The outsole of these sneakers is made with thick rubber. 

A traditional lace-up design solidifies the GRABs as a sporty yet stylish pair of footwear. Their quality construction and durable materials make the GRAB leather sneakers ideal for everyday wear.  

You can choose between white leather sneakers with red detailing and an adorable ocelot pattern or white leather sneakers with green detailing & a faux snakeskin design. Either style is bound to attract a few envious glances, that much is guaranteed.

From stunning sandals to beautiful boots, EOS shoes offer something for everyone. Stylish looks aside, every pair of EOS shoes that is listed is made from the highest quality leather that will provide you with years upon years of usage.

We’ve laid out the four EOS footwear favourites for 2020, all that’s left for you to do is pick which pair—or pairs!—your wardrobe is crying out for.

So, which of these EOS shoes will you are waltzing into 2020 wearing?

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