Free as a Bird: 4 Awesome Countries to Explore as a Digital Nomad

When you work remotely, all you need is a computer and some Wi-Fi. This means that you can work almost anywhere. Remote workers can become digital nomads. This lets them see the world and continue to make money working online. If you are a digital nomad feeling as free as a bird, why not try these four awesome countries?

Free as a Bird: 4 Awesome Countries to Explore as a Digital Nomad
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1. Thailand
Thailand is a paradise on earth, especially if you like warm weather and sandy beaches. The food is also divine, with plenty of local ingredients at affordable prices. Thailand mixes old-world charm and new-world technology, from the ancient temples to the modern, luxurious hotels and high rises. It is certainly a place that Inspire4Travel wouldn’t miss.

If you do decide to wander through Thailand as a digital nomad, there are several places for cultural immersion. Be sure to spend time in Bangkok. Then, head north to Chiang Mai to see the temples and immerse yourself in history. After you’ve enjoyed a few festivals, head south to the beaches around Phuket and Phuket Island. Be sure to get on a boat to see the Phi Phi Islands.

2. Greece
If you love history and beautiful weather, Greece is a must-see location. The country is filled with ancient ruins that honour the Olympian gods. But, it is also filled with natural wonders that include beautiful beaches, clear blue water, and rugged mountains. There are also big cities, like Athens, and small hamlets like Kalambaka and Corfu.

Like Thailand, the food is unforgettable, especially the local flavours of olives and feta cheese. Greece is a safe place to visit, and the vistas will inspire you to stay and relax. You might be too distracted to work when you visit Greece and take in all that the historic country has to offer.

3. Spain
Spain is a good follow up to Greece. You can enjoy seaside paradises all year, from the mainland on the continent to the Canary Islands off the coast of Morocco. But, if you want a break from the beach, you can also visit inland Spain were Madrid, Seville, and Zaragoza reign.

The country is filled with historic sites like aqueducts, cathedrals, and plazas. While making your way around the country, be sure to visit Gibraltar. Even though the peninsula isn’t technically a part of Spain, it would be a shame to miss the iconic Rock of Gibraltar that greets visitors as they move east from the Atlantic Ocean towards the Meditteranean Sea.

4. Indonesia
You might not be able to drive all over Indonesia, it is a country worth visiting. The country is home to iconic places like Bali, Jakarta, Sumatra, and Java. Each island has a different vibe. Some are spiritual. Others are primitive and relaxed. And, many have high-end, luxurious shopping centres and hotels. 

Check out the natural wonders like the crystal clear waters, active volcanoes, and luscious rainforests. There are also animals that cannot be found anywhere else on earth, like the Komodo dragon and Sumatran elephants.

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