3 Types of Business Casual Women’s Shoes

One has to admit that footwear will always be the Achilles heel of every woman. There can never be enough of it for any occasion. For instance, women's shoes will forever be vital accents to their business casual outfit. She can always wear perfect office apparel, but her appearance would look weird if she puts on the wrong type of shoes for work. And as more women dominate the workplace, there is often some confusion with the unavoidable rule changes with regards to required office attire.

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3 Types of Business Casual Women’s Shoes

If you work in a corporate setting as a front-liner, you are the undeniable face of the company as you greet guests and potential clients with your best smile. But sometimes, a welcoming attitude is not enough. The way you present yourself will reflect in your business casual wear because your clothes are not exempt from other people’s scrutiny. Some shoes can help you stand out from the crowd in the right way. Here are three of them.


The term seems to be relatively new to the footwear industry. But truth be told, the brogues have been around for centuries. It is more familiarly known as men’s shoes in the last century because of the bold look it seemingly exudes. It is a closed leather shoe with a punched-out toe pattern, which was said to strengthen the shoe. But in the recent turn of the decade, it is now known as a go-to shoe style for women. Women shoes are functional and comfortable to wear; most women who wear this are go-getters who have their eyes set on working their way up the corporate ladder.


An eight-hour day for you may mean a lot of things. You can be up and about all the time whenever your boss asks you to run errands. Client calls may be happening left and right. You will probably be rushing from one meeting to another, with your paperwork load piling up and your chair left unattended. If you are this busy, then a comfortable pair of soft pumps might be the perfect option for you. They have a block heel and are best paired with loose trousers or denim. Choosing a square, almond, or point-toe shaped set will not matter, as long as you can be at ease while doing your everyday office chores. 


Have you ever had days when you cannot decide what shoe to wear? Are you getting tired of wearing heels day in and day out? Does your day usually consist of you being confined to the office, where your only source of exercise is going to the water cooler and back to your station? If your answer is yes to all these questions, then the unassuming flat shoe may be the perfect option for you. 

Also, more commonly known as ballerina shoes, flats are great for office wear while keeping your feet covered and well-protected. You can walk, run, and even dance with them. It also makes you look stylish, classy, and more relaxed all day long. And you will feel comfortable the whole day as if it is your second skin. Just kick them back when you get home, and it is like you never even wore them.

These types of women’s shoes are perfect for the office because you can quickly move in them while providing a stylish feel to your look. It shows your personality and confidence in the workplace. So get a couple of styles so that you can mix-and-match depending on your mood.

Author: Kevin Adams 

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