Why Canada is the Most Favourable Study Destination of International MBA Aspirants

Canada has emerged as one of the top-most study destinations for international students, especially the ones who plan to do an MBA abroad. Canada offers a diversified learning experience and work opportunities for students who plan to study in Canada. One of the main reasons for a significant increase in the number of international students in the Canadian higher education system which is inspiring Indian students to choose Canada as the most preferred global destination for high-quality education that too at an affordable cost.

Why Canada is the Most Favourable Study Destination of International MBA Aspirants

The top management colleges in Canada are an attraction of global students. Apart from that, there are many other opportunities that students may avail themselves while studying MBA from Canada.

Students will:
  • Gain leadership qualities, decision-making, and strategic skills
  • Will get the required training to advance their career to the next stage
  • Can start their own business as well 

Types of MBAs Available in Canada?
There is an array of MBA programs that start from specialized ones to combined programs as well, thus making it easier for the MBA aspirants to choose the plan as per their choice. The MBA programs offered by Canadian universities are globally recognized, allowing the students to start their career professionally post completing the course successfully. Moreover, you can find online trade schools programs as well.

Most of the universities and B-schools located in Canada offer Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs in various specializations, the duration of MBA programs in Canada usually vary from 12-24 months depending upon the course and school you choose. The programs offered by the top management colleges in Canada can be categorized into three sections.

Generalized MBA Program - The duration of this program is 2 years. During the initial first year, the main focus is on the core of business fundamentals like Financial and Managerial Accounting, Management Statistics, Business Strategy Analysis, and Data Analysis. In the second year, the students need to choose the area of concentration from the specialization options available.

Specialized MBA - The duration of the specialized MBA programs is almost 1 year or sometimes less than a year as well. These programs are mainly for those students who want to sharpen their skills in a particular field only, and even some of the reputed business schools offer customized MBA programs as well that can be developed based on the needs of corporations and organizations.

Combined MBA - Combined MBA program is one of the most preferred options among the students looking to acquire masters while pursuing another discipline like Agriculture, Arts, Law, or something else. The duration of the course is almost four years.

Why an MBA from Canada?
There are ample reasons which can be taken into consideration while choosing to study an MBA from the universities of Canada. Some of them are enlisted below:

Welcoming Learning Environment
Business schools located in Canada offer a welcoming environment and high quality of education to the students coming from different parts of the world. Also, most of the Canadian universities collaborate with real-world industries to enhance their curriculum as a part of work placement programs and offer enhanced educational facilities to the students who plan to study in Canada.

Work Opportunity
The students get opportunities to work, both on-campus and off-campus as well while doing the course. Full-time international students who have received a study permit and are pursuing an academic, professional, or vocational training program at a particular learning institution in Canada are allowed to work, without a work permit on campus. Also, they can work for up to 20 hours per week off-campus while their regular academic session and full-time up to 40 hours during regularly scheduled breaks. This way, the students can get additional funding to support their education.

World-Recognized Universities
According to the Financial Times Global MBA Rankings 2018, 3 Canadian business schools are ranked among the top 100 business schools located across the world. Canada ranks 7th in the world for Entrepreneurship and Open for Business according to Best Countries – U.S. News & World Report (2018). All these factors encourage Indian students to study in Canada, allowing them to get an international platform to showcase their skills and knowledge.

Availability of Scholarships
Most of the Canadian business schools offer entrance scholarships to international students based on past academic performance. The eligibility for scholarships depends on merit and leadership qualities which are demonstrated by the students through education, activities and work experience. The availability of different scholarships motivates international students to continue their study in Canada.

Each year, half a million international students come to Canada to study here by getting admission to a college or university. Both MontrĂ©al and Ottawa regularly feature in some of the prestigious ‘best cities for student life’ ranking tables, thus encouraging the students to study in Canada. Canada is collaborative and welcomes all international students. MontrĂ©al is the second-largest city in Canada which in turn offers amazing working opportunities to the students coming from different countries.

Higher Return on Investment
There is no second opinion on the fact that pursuing an MBA is a costly affair, especially when you plan to do it from Canada. The tuition fees for MBA programs might cost much to international students, but there are many kinds of scholarships available that will help you to cover the cost. 

Not only do Canadian scholarships make MBA programs much more accessible, but they also offer a higher return on investment as well. In 2019, an average MBA holder in Canada received a base salary of just under $100,000, which is higher than comparative salaries in France, Australia, and the UK.

Easier Visa Option
Studying abroad means completing lots of paperwork and facing a challenging visa process. But while planning to study in Canada, one doesn’t need to get prepared for lots of paperwork as things are a little easier for international students. Canada is becoming the top-most priority among international students as the work permit here allows international graduates to stay in Canada and work for up to three years. 

While studying as well, the students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week during term, and full-time during vacations allowing them to support their education and living expenses in the country.

Health Care Service
The provincial health care system in Canada includes primary and preventive medical facilities, as well as emergency care. An international student who has a valid study visa is allowed to have a provincial health care card so that he/she can use these services. As international students who study in Canada, it is recommended to purchase private health insurance before coming to the country so that the students get health coverage in all cases.

Canada is becoming increasingly popular among international students mainly due to the excellent education system; also the universities and business schools in Canada are internationally-recognized, affordable, and educational standards meet international standards. Doing an MBA from Canada is totally worth it!!

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