Why Should You Install A Lithium Battery To Your RV

Nowadays, most people spend time in their RVs. Simply because it is their home and the place they stay during vacations. In that sense, you can see that these RVs need potent systems to keep them up and running as long as you need them. 

Why Should You Install A Lithium Battery To Your RV
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Before, it was a trend to use lead-acid batteries to power up the entire RV. But nowadays, due to continuous innovation, there are different batteries available for your RV. In this article, we are going to discuss why you should install the best RV lithium battery. 

What is a Lithium Battery

A lithium battery is a type of battery often referred to as lithium-metal. Besides, it is widely used in portable electronic devices that range from full-sized vehicles up to even the most miniature radio-controlled toys. The term "lithium battery" refers to various lithium-metal chemistry families consisting of many cathodes and electrolytes but all with metallic lithium as the anode. 

Manufacturers developed this battery during the 70s and 80s. And it resulted in a change of outlook on how people are going to power up electric appliances. 

Reasons to install a lithium battery to your RV

Now that you know how lithium batteries work let us now discuss why you need to have one installed in your RV. 

More Efficient Charging

During a vacation, it is a must for us to enjoy every minute we have. But how will you enjoy it if all you're going to do is stand by a charging station to load up your batteries? This is one problem with some RVers now and then. To avoid this kind of mishaps, try installing a lithium battery to your RV and seeing the difference. 

Also, lithium's efficiency helps solar panels load up energy. In this case, you will have enough solar power by the time the sun sleeps in the west. It is also important to have equipment for a backup power source such as RV power cords. Making sure you have the complete equipment before setting off is the best way to go, for more information visit camper guide. 

More Time to Dry Camp

With lead-acid batteries, you can dry camp for two days up to three days maximum. With this, you will notice that it is not enough to unwind and relax in a remarkably serene place. But if you have a lithium battery installed in your RV, you will get to experience the difference. 

With a lithium battery powering your RV, you can enjoy dry camping for up to seven days. Imagine being off the grid for a week but still getting the comfort of your most-used appliances. In this sense, you don't have to worry about going back to a charging station just because you run out of power. 

This is an actual definition of being one with nature away from unnecessary disturbances. 

Low Maintenance

Even though it provides an excellent power system to your RV, you will be surprised about how it will not need extreme attention for repairs and maintenance. With a lead-acid battery, you get to worry about the following:

It would help if you operated at mild temperatures.

It would help if you avoided deep discharges

It would help if you frequently changed to make sure it will last for 14 hours.

It would help if you charged it often to prevent sulfation

You also need to add water when the electrolyte level falls. 

As you can see, just by reading all these maintenances, it is pretty tiring already. Once you are off the rod for travel, it is quite a nuisance to stop by to perform one of these. If you are already at a campsite, you will burden yourself by worrying about these instead of getting relaxed. 

Longer Shelf Life

Lead-acid batteries need daily recharge even if you are not on a trip. Unlike lithium batteries, you can store them during winter, where there are limited campsites open. After that, you can power it on during springtime without any damages. 

Better Safety Features

Lithium batteries are equipped with a Battery Management System or BMS to keep your family safe while traveling. This feature will automatically shut off the system if it reaches the maximum heat requirement. 


As you get closer to nature, you are encouraged to take care of it more. Thus, choosing a lithium battery for your RV is better because it lasts ten times longer than lead-acid batteries. On top of that, it is easily recyclable as well.

As time passes by, more and more innovation is being born from lessons from the previous inventions. This is to address any arising concern from the current product to ensure that every consumer will have the best out of their life.

In this sense, installing a lithium battery to your RV is one of the best decisions you can make as an RVer. We hope that this article enlightens you about how this can benefit you and other stakeholders involved.

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